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Academic Programming and Delivery

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Profile of the Director:

The Open Campus of The University of the West Indies (UWI) is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Dr. Denise Gaspard-Richards as Acting Director of Academic Programming and Delivery.

Dr. Denise Gaspard-Richards
Director Ag. APAD

The Division of Academic Programming and Delivery (APAD) in the Open Campus is responsible for the planning, development and online delivery of courses in the Open Campus. The work of APAD begins with the recognition that most Open Campus students are balancing their studies with other priorities, including family and job responsibilities.

To reflect and support the needs of Open Campus students, APAD is organised around three departments: Programme Planning Department (PPD), Course Development Department (CDD) and Programme Delivery Department (PDD).  Together, these departments ensure the careful planning and development of our programmes for online delivery while ensuring a Caribbean particularity.  

APAD constantly strives to offer an excellent learner experience as well as allow accessibility throughout the entire region.  APAD as a division seeks always to be responsive to students, ensuring that they are fully supported and assisted, thus affording them the opportunity to direct their energies fully toward their studies.

Recently, APAD embarked on a bold mission to reach a much wider audience than it currently does.  It recognises that for the Open Campus to truly achieve its mandate of providing higher education opportunities to the region’s underserved communities, it must offer programmes that are outside the traditional offerings. 

To this end, APAD added to its offerings, pre-university certificates to provide applicants who normally would not matriculate, with a pathway into full degree programmes.  This plan is broadly envisioned to not only capture the unemployed who lack qualifications or skills but also the employed who need to upgrade. 

This approach offers a pathway that starts at pre-university and moves right through to graduate degrees with the opportunity to exit at multiple points: pre-university certificates, undergraduate certificates, undergraduate diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, post graduate diplomas and master’s degrees. 

APAD strives to uphold the UWI Open Campus’s guiding principles and core values, which are based on quality, accessibility and service excellence.  Much thought goes into the process from programme planning, through development through delivery.  Even as it seeks to develop and deliver programmes of the highest quality, APAD recognises the importance of remaining agile so as to respond to the needs of its client base.