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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find a library?

There are several OC libraries located across the region at OC Country Sites; however, all OC Country Sites do not have libraries. Please see list of  OC Libraries. Note that all UWI members also have access to the entire network of UWI libraries.


Where can I find past examination papers?

On this site's home page, scroll down to locate Past Examination Papers under COLLECTIONS. Additionally, printed past examination papers for some face to face courses are available from the OC Library on location where the courses are taught.   


How do I find peer review articles in UWIlinC?

After getting the results from your search, select show only "Peer-reviewed Journals" seen at the top of your search results. 


How do I access UWIPress ebooks?

1. Sign in to UWIlinC. 
2. In the UWIlinC main menu near the top of the page, click on Find Databases. 
3. Then click on All Databases to access the  A-Z section.
4. Click on the ‘U’ listing and then click on UWI Press ebooks [Link Only].

On the header bar at the top of the UWI Press home page it will indicate that you are signed in as The University of the West Indies - Open Campus. You may bookmark this page for future use, keep in mind you must be first signed in to myOC or UWIlinC before you can use your bookmarked link.