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Programme Advising

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Welcome to the Student Programme Advising home page!

Listen carefully before entering your programme space

All students - new and returning - are required to use the information in Programme Advising to guide their registration in the Open Campus. The links below will take you to your respective programme where you will find specific information for the Academic Year 2016/ 2017. But before you visit your programme listen/read the general information for all degree programmes.

Pay careful attention to the information provided:

Select your programme to access the Programme Advising space for the Academic Year 2016/17: 


BSc Youth Development Work
BSc Youth Development Work (Management Minor) 
BSc Social Work
BSc Social Work (Youth Development Work Minor)
BSc Psychology
BSc Political Science (Year 1)
Bsc Political Science (Year 2)
BSc Management Studies Major / Economics Minor
BSc Management Studies - Tourism & Hospitality Management
BSc Management Studies - Revised
BSc Management Studies - International Management
BSc Management Studies - Financial Management
BSc Management Studies - Entrepreneurship Major
BSc Management Studies - Human Resource Management
BSc Management Studies (Major and Special)
BSc Management Studies - Marketing
B.Sc. Management Studies (Special)
B.Sc. Management Studies (Major)
BSc Banking and Finance - Special
BSc Accounting (Existing)
BSc Banking and Finance - Compliance and Corporate Governance Minor
B.Sc. ACCOUNTING (Revised)
B.Ed. Secondary Mathematics (Untrained Teacher / Model B)
B.Ed. Secondary Mathematics (Teacher Trained / Model A)
B.Ed. Secondary English (Untrained Teacher / Model B)
B.Ed. Secondary English (Teacher Trained / Model A)
B.Ed. Literacy (Untrained Teacher / Model B)
B.Ed. Literacy (Teacher Trained / Model A)
B.Ed. Educational Leadership and Management (Special)
B.Ed. Educational Leadership and Management (Major)
B.Ed. Early Childhood Development & Family Studies (YEAR 3 - RETURNING STUDENTS)
B.Ed. Early Childhood Development & Family Studies (YEAR 2- RETURNING STUDENTS)
B.Ed. Early Childhood Development & Family Studies (NEW STUDENTS)
BSc Sociology Year 1
BSc Sociology Year 2
BSc Economics
Associate Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates
Associate Degree in Administrative Professional Office Management
Associate Degree in Business Management
Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies Programme
Associate Degree in Social Work
Diploma In Social Services
Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) Instruction
Diploma in Public Sector Administration
Diploma in Social Work
Diploma in Youth Development Work
Certificate Early Childhood Development & Family Studies
Certificate in Climate Change
Certificate in Social Work
Regional Certificate Programmes