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Open Campus Country Sites

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Dr. Francis Severin
Director, OCCS


Dr. Francis O. Severin is the Director of the Open Campus Country Sites. The Director OCCS began his career with The University of the West Indies on January 1, 1999 as Project Officer in the Office of Administration and Special Initiatives (OASIs), Vice Chancellery, based at Mona in Jamaica. In August 2005 he assumed the post of Resident Tutor/Head of the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) in Dominica.  During the period August 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013 he steered the OCCS through a period of transition and novelty, which included the accreditation visitation processes. He assumed the post of Director OCCS in October 2013.


The Open Campus Country Sites (OCCS) serves forty four (44) physical Site locations in seventeen (17) English-speaking countries in the Caribbean. The OCCS Division places significant focus on strengthening and expanding its scope, services and offerings to Caribbean communities through enhancements to employee engagement and development, advancements in operational processes, and innovation in teaching, learning and outreach. The Office of the Director includes the Office of Deputy Director Continuing and Professional Education, headed by Dr Ian Austin, and the Office of Deputy Director, Commercial Operations, headed by Dr Cheryl Sloley who is also Project Manager of the Universal Service Fund (USF). The departments of the OCCS are the Site locations distributed throughout the countries served by UWI led by Heads or Officers-in-Charge and, in the case of the British Overseas Territories (BOTs), a Manager, who reports to the Director OCCS.


The OCCS is committed to providing a high quality student experience and learning effectiveness by offering a more diverse, flexible and multi-disciplinary learning proficiency. At the OCCS, the physical instance of the Open Campus in the various countries, the pursuit of improved learning involves innovations to continuing and professional education, undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education study programmes and courses by blended, online and face-to-face learning methods.


The deeds of the OCCS in the area of outreach are remarkable. The OCCS endeavours to impact positively the lives of people and communities which it serves throughout the Caribbean by engaging in a number of outreach programmes that redound to the enlightenment and evolution of Caribbean people.  


Over 438 full time employees serve the Country Sites and are devoted to providing better services to the students in the Caribbean through virtual and physical Site locations across the Caribbean region.