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Administration (Bahamas)


Dear Students,

Welcome to Open Campus 2020/21 academic school year! I count it a privilege to serve as your Head of UWI Open Campus Country Site – Bahamas (UWIOCCS).

To students enrolled in the institution for the first time, we at UWIOCCS are honored that you have chosen to further your education with us; you have made an excellent choice! Students returning to UWIOCCS to continue programs welcome back. As you reengage, recognize that you are one step closer to completing your studies and fulfilling your dreams. Congratulations!

Heraclitus, a Greek Philosopher, is believed to have said, "change is the only constant in life." This academic year has brought about changes for the UWI family as COVID 19 serves as the catalyst for unprecedented changes worldwide. As the world continues to change, so must the University. Change can be uncomfortable, but you are reminded that your local campus is here to assist you. We are the first point of contact when seeking assistance to address the needs you may have. Mrs. Smith-Wallace – Acting Senior Administrative Assistant, Mr. Hanna – Site's Technician, Mr. Williams – Clerk, and I are here to support you.

As you engage in your studies this academic year, you are encouraged to focus and not give up. You must persevere through the challenges and rigor you will encounter. Remain positive, patient, flexible, informed, and responsive regarding activities and requirements pertinent to you. This posture will ensure that you will have successful academic experiences.

The UWI's Latin Motto, "Oriens Ex Occidente Lux," means "Light Rising from The West." Let us rise, and our lights permeate through each changing moment. Let us embrace each challenge as a stepping stone for opportunities for growth and success.

The University is committed to your success, and I wish you the very best in your educational pursuits this academic year.

Bridgette S. Cooper
UWI Open Campus Bahamas