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Hello everyone, we have made it to the end of another academic year, and we are still standing firm, let’s celebrate. It is a fact that we are living in a very challenging time and as we do our best to adjust to the induced pressures and responsibilities during this COVID 19 pandemic, let’s remember that there is hope and continue to believe that things will get better. While we pursue our personal goals, dreams and await better days let us continue in our pursuit for a higher education because our education will provide opportunities for us if we stay the course. Like the vines that grow on the branches let us, continue the climb to success one course at a time until we reach our desired goal.

To our colleagues and friends who lost loved ones or were displaced during Hurricane Dorian, we salute you. So many had to endure the many challenges that Dorian brought, some had to endure issues like, lack of power and internet access and yet they prevailed.

The road ahead will not be easy, nothing good comes easy but rest assured it will be worth it.  We your Guild Executives are here for you and will continue to stand with you as we also continue to climb the ladder of success.

Mrs. Fann Bowe

Guild Executives