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Local Programmes (Barbados)

January 2019 Face-to-Face Offerings

CPE Programmes 

  • Creative Writing
    This CPE Certificate in Creative Writing is a 60 contact hour programme designed to introduce participants to the formal study of creative writing.  It aims to familiarize students with the formal characteristics of the three literary genres: prose, poetry, and drama and to introduce them to a range of creative non-fiction genres.
  • Brand Management
    Brand Management is a relatively new discipline which all small, medium and large companies need in order to position their products and their companies in the global marketplace. No matter the product being sold; whether it is bread, T-shirts, sports drinks, telecommunication services, or luxury vehicles, all companies need to build and manage brands effectively in order to realise maximum results in the marketplace.
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing is an approach, a strategy or a branding and marketing exercise using digital platforms. It is essentially the promotion of a brand, product or service online. The new buzz term; “word of mouse” has allowed consumers to find content and information more easily and efficiently on line. Single media campaigns are fast becoming a rarity, so marketers are required to deploy several media to deliver sufficient reach. Bluntly put: media’s role has stretched beyond its traditional boundaries. For marketers, digital media provides insight into how to reach customers and convert interest into intent to purchase products and services. This 90 contact-hour programme is geared towards equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to "formulate, plan and execute” effective digital marketing strategies and channels, including SEO, and SEM. This is a foundation programme, which will include elements that one should know in understanding the rubrics of digital marketing. The target group is all employees, be they in management, finance, marketing, communications, administration, line staff or even the unemployed keen on jump-starting a career in Digital Marketing.
  • Facilities Management
    This CPE Certificate in Facilities Management (FM) is a 120 contact hour programme geared towards equipping individuals with the foundation knowledge, skills and competencies required to effectively manage the diversity and growth of each organization. With the provision of practical insight and functional knowledge of the practice of Facilities Management and its core principles, the programme seeks to provide individuals with an understanding of this diverse field through a series of courses focusing on enhancing their skill set.
  • Internal Auditing
    According to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Internal Auditing is defined as an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations.  It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. As such, Internal Audit provides a number of important services to an entity’s management. These include detecting and preventing fraud, testing internal control, and monitoring compliance with an entity’s policy and procedures and government regulation.  It is a competent and knowledgeable audit function that is relied on to conduct this basic comparison of audit evidence to audit criteria and to determine whether or not convergence of the two exists.
  • Grant Proposal Writing
    The Continuing Professional Education (CPE) course in Grant Proposal Writing will span 30 contact hours and is geared toward equipping professionals with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to develop and write grant proposals which stand a strong chance of receiving funding.  The target group is senior and middle managers of nonprofit organizations seeking grants for various community development activities.
  • E-Commerce in Modern Business
    The CPE programme in E-Commerce in Modern Business will be delivered through three inter-related courses spanning 90 contact hours. This programme provides an overview of business and technology topics, business models, virtual value chain, and innovation and marketing strategies. In addition, some of the major issues associated with e-commerce: security, privacy, intellectual property rights, authentication, encryption, acceptable use policies, and legal liabilities; will be explored. 
  • Occupational Health and Safety
    The CPE Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety programme provides the basic knowledge and skills to enable competence in this field by covering the essential elements of Occupational Health and Safety management and practices. It is delivered through four individual courses each with a requirement of 30 contact hours. It is set within a framework of emerging “safety themes” in the context of the Caribbean region and emphasizes duty of care and precision and thoroughness in safety management. Students will be guided on how to develop procedures to control risks to safety and health while raising awareness and promoting good relationships to enhance health and safety within the organization. 
  • Procurement Management
    The Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Certificate in Procurement Management is a 120 contact hour programme is geared towards equipping individuals with the full range of knowledge, skills and abilities required for engaging in all aspects of the procurement process.  Students will also gain knowledge of the spectrum of information and communications technologies. 
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    This continuing and professional education (CPE) programme in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management is comprised of 90 contact hours which are geared towards equipping individuals with the foundation knowledge, skills and competencies required to become a business owner or an entrepreneur. The programme seeks to provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge so that individuals have the best chance of success.
  • Property and Real Estate Management
    This continuing and professional education (CPE) programme in Property and Real Estate Management is comprised of ninety (90) contact hours geared towards equipping individuals with the foundation knowledge, skills and competencies required to function at the entry to intermediate level in property and real estate management. The programme seeks to provide individuals with an overview of the basic tools, techniques and the general knowledge on which foundation they could build or strengthen a career in property and real estate management. There are no specific pre-requisites for entering the programme, however, candidates are expected to have successfully completed secondary school or an equivalent level of education. Given that each subsequent course will be building on the previous course(s), it is expected that the pre-requisite for entering courses two, three and four will be the successful completion of the previous course.​


12 Month Professional Programmes

These programmes comprises seven (7) courses and a Supervised Research Project done over a three (3) semester duration. Please contact UWI Open Campus Barbados at 430-1120 /1123 /1125 /1133 or email for more details.

  • Corporate Administration
    This exciting programme is designed to lay a solid foundation in clerical and corporate business concepts and practices and will equip participants with the relevant skills to perform the duties of an Administrative Corporate Secretary or gain employment opportunities in the corporate/legal industries.
  • Guidance and Counselling
    This programme seeks to provide training in counselling and its specialty areas, such as Vocational and Career Guidance and Family Life Education to a level appropriate for safe and effective practice. It provides a foundation for students’ development as Counsellors.
  • Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising
    Companies seek to outperform each other by better anticipating and satisfying customer needs. This certificate programme seeks to provide a working knowledge of the theory and practice of marketing and advertising in order to meet customers’ expectations.

Workforce Development Courses

The UWI Open Campus facilitates a number of Workforce Training courses each semester. These target persons from both the private and public sector industries seeking to inquire or enhance their skills in various developmental areas.

These courses are conducted over a three month (1 semester) period. These courses include but are not limited to:

  • Event Planning
  • Law for Human Resource Practitioners
  • Mastering English Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Supervisory Management
  • Advance Supervisory Management
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers
  • Introductory Quickbooks
  • Advance Quickbooks
  • Information Communication Technology for Business
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Public Relations
  • Project Management: Tools & Techniques


Students who sucessfully complete any of these courses are awarded a certificate of Achievement. Further details on these courses may be obtained from our office at
430-1120/1123/1125/1133 or email


Specialized or customized workshops are periodically offered during the semesters. Workshops are conducted onsite or offsite and can be customized to meet the needs of a specific audience. A sample of these workshops are:

  • Maintenance Management Fundamentals
  • Occupational Health & Safety Fundamentals
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Records and Information Management Essentials

Please contact our office at 430-1120/ 1123/ 1125/ 1133 or email for further details about our workshops.