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Sociology of Youth

The course will provide an opportunity for the student youth worker to position young people within Caribbean societal structures and understand the influence of social institutions on youth personal development. Students will engage in critiques of societal views and stereotyping of youth and will critique the development of youth culture and youth sub-cultures vis-à-vis violence, sexuality, technology, music and culture. Students will learn and apply skills in working with youth groups with specific reference to supporting positive identity formation among young people through practical group assignments involving young people who are associated with a diversity of sub-cultures. It will also reinforce the role of rights-based approaches to youth development by helping students understand the principles of human rights, including issues of equality, equity and freedom from discrimination, and apply them to youth development work. Students will engage in debates on issues within the contemporary Caribbean context which impinge on the rights agenda including socio-cultural constructions and responses to race, class, gender and religion.




YDWCYP0614: Design, develop and support the implementation of  community youth development programmes

YDWCYP0724: Manage implementation of youth peace building agenda

YDWCYP343: Promote equality of opportunity, participation and responsibility

YDWCYP0493: Work as an effective and reflective practitioner

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