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Youth Advocacy: Principles and Tools

This course will introduce students to the role, purpose and principles of advocacy in youth development. Students will learn how to conduct analyses of policies and legislation which address (or do not address) youth issues and to develop an advocacy agenda around gaps and weaknesses in existing frameworks, paying attention to the principles of equality, equity and human rights. Students will learn and apply advocacy skills using verbal and written communication tools in public education and awareness raising, networking and lobbying, paying attention to the differences in types of audience and the varied purposes of advocacy. Special emphasis will be placed on learning how to support youth and build their capacity to advocate for themselves and for others.


The course requires practical application of skills to the legislative and policy arenas. Having explored legislative and policy frameworks in the Caribbean related to the human rights and constitutional protection of children and youth, economic and social rights, juvenile justice, family law, children and youth policies, and the actors and stages of the legislative and policy formulation process, students will be expected to engage in a critical analysis of the National Youth Policy, where it exists in their country or other primary policy documents which govern youth development and to develop a Strategic Plan for networking and advocacy towards the revision and updating of legislation and policy.




YDWCYP0564: Apply advanced advocacy skills

YDWCYP0574: Develop networks to support the national youth development agenda

YDWCYP0584: Develop and implement national youth policy

YDWCYP0644: Develop a strategic plan

YDWCYP0684: Develop and implement protocols and procedures to safeguard the welfare of young people in youth development work

YDWCYP0764: Design, develop and support the implementation of new opportunities for the development of young people

YDWCYP0343: Promote equality of opportunity, participation and responsibility

YDWCYP0363: Plan and conduct high-level meetings

YDWCYP0493: Work as an effective and reflective practitioner

Course Code: 
Youth Development Work: Personal and Professional Development