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Youth Development Work: Personal and Professional Development

This course is the second of the core YDEW courses. It will support students in building competence in reflective practice by helping them to understand the youth sector. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding and working with youth-led organisations and assisting with the personal development of youth leaders. This course requires practical application and students will be asked to develop a mock personal development plan for a young person in need of support in a given area (based on case study provided by instructor). Students will be required to amend and update their Learning and Professional Development Journal by monitoring their own progress towards achievement of YDW competencies through the Level II period of study, and to make notes about the sectors in which they would like to work and plan for the additional skills and competencies required to pursue their career in that area.



YDWCYP0674: Promote a culture of occupational health and safety in youth development work

YDWCYP0323: Assist young people with their personal development plans

YDWCYP0493: Work as an effective and reflective practitioner


Course Code: 
Youth Development Work: Introduction to Theory and Practice