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Continuing and Professional Education

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Welcome to the website of the Continuing and Professional Education Programmes.

Welcome from the Principal   Welcome from the Campus Registrar

CPE is located within a lifelong learning and workforce development framework and consists of a range of credit and non-credit programmes. Included among the non-credit programmes are professional development short programmes, workforce development programmes, personal enrichment programmes, and customized workforce solutions. CPE has two distinct although in some regards overlapping areas of focus: continuing education and continuing professional education.

Continuing Education (CE) has been the primary area of focus of the previous School of Continuing Studies and now the Open Campus Country Sites (OCCS). It focuses on pre-university basic and vocational education, is designed for adults with no higher education qualifications, caters for university certified individuals who are seeking to enhance their knowledge in a particular area, and fulfils workforce development needs.

Continuing Professional Education is the second strand in the continuing education paradigm. It constitutes a systematized and codified set of activities that are directly related to the continuing professional development of members of a professional practice. It is an area of education that has grown in recent times in response to the needs of individuals to keep abreast of rapid changes occurring in the professional environment.

Whether you have studied in the UWI before, or whether you are joining the institution for the first time, welcome to your gateway to continuing and professional education at the UWI Open Campus.