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Programme Advising

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Welcome to the Graduate Student Programme Advising home page!

Please be advised that you must register for the Graduate Introductory Course associated with your programme.
Students doing TLET, should register for OOL6100 Graduate Introduction to Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technologies
All other students, should register for OOL6001 Graduate Introduction to Online Learning
Students are required to complete their Graduate Introductory course prior to the start of their first semester. 
If you need to repeat a Component of a course (that is, your final grade was FC for the course) check the advising documents of other cohorts to see when
next the course will be offered. You will need to complete a Repeat Component Form in order to do the course for that teaching period. The form must be completed by the end of the Registration Period. See link below:
[Only complete the form if the course is being delivered for that semester/teaching period].