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Guild of Students


Mr. Leon Dawson, Guild President

The UWI Open Campus Guild warmly welcomes you to the 2020-2021 Academic Year.   As Post Graduate students, your inclusion and representation is important to the success of the Open Campus Guild of Students Mission, which is to be an executive body that leads and impacts The UWI Open Campus Guild of Students by advocating and promoting unity, diversity, holistic development, academic excellence and student leadership.  As Guild President,  I can assure you the Open Campus Guild is fully dedicated to serving you the Open Campus Postgraduate Students.

Together, we can make it happen.



Dexter Waldron, Chairperson Postgraduate Chapter 

I bring greetings on behalf of The Open Campus Association of Postgraduate Students or OCAPS.  OCAPS is a subsidiary of The UWI Open Campus Guild of Students that has jurisdiction over its constituents, the postgraduate community. The Goal of the OCAPS is to carry out activities which contribute to the college spirit and community welfare. It is the voice of the student body that seeks to enhance the learning environment.

OCAPS promotes student ideas, interests and concerns within the school community. OCAPS acts as the prime representative body of postgraduate students within The University of the West Indies Open Campus' academic and administrative structure, whilst acting in accordance with the Open Campus Student Guild. The OCAPS Executive will continue to serve as an advocate, resource, and support system for the diverse postgraduate students of The University of the West Indies. We will continue to work toward the betterment of our students, campus, University and by extension, our region. 

Raylene Gardiner
OCAPS Treasurer

Quida Johnson
OCAPS Secretary


Kerisia Crichton
OCAPS Deputy Chair

Shazahra Khan
Committee Member

Tyrone Brown
Committee Member