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BSc Sport Leadership and Management

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The Sport Leadership and Management programme aims to build the competence of participants in the areas of sport administration as well as develop the skill sets necessary to allow them to lead the development of sport within the framework of their respective environments.

After completing the programme, graduates should be able to:

  1. Articulate clearly the rich history of Sport in the Caribbean;
  2. Demonstrate pragmatic knowledge in the areas of general leadership and management, sport leadership and management and parks and recreation management..
  3. Demonstrate self-directedness in pursuing personal and professional growth through lifelong learning;
  4. Develop a thorough understanding of the theoretical and work-based knowledge relevant to the application of leadership and management principles to sport organizational environments.
  5. Reflect on their own experiential knowledge to produce and apply new understanding and skills to problem-solving and decision-making in sport organizational environments.
  6. Articulate sound policy positions that are in keeping with best practices and cultural sensitivity.
  7. Develop an appreciation for the functional usefulness of leadership and management studies required to critically assist decision-making in sport organizational environments.  
  8. Conduct  research/practicum inquiry relevant to the field of sports management.
  9. Demonstrate a sound basis for further study, career opportunities and continuing professional development in Sport Leadership and Management and related employment contexts.
  10. Foster a spirit of critical enquiry, knowledge, and familiarity with interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving and research in sport-management-related fields of endeavour.

Additionally, the Sport Leadership and Management programme will provide a variety of challenging learning experience for students, enabling them to combine research and theoretical knowledge with professional/practical experience in several related fields. Students will also develop an awareness of wider sport management issues  as they relate to fostering social responsibility, cultural diversity, ethics, gender, environmental awareness and sustainability in a regional and global context.


Who is this programme for?

The BSc Sport Leadership and Management seeks to target persons who are currently working in any of the numerous areas of sports leadership and management within: government ministries of education, sport, and social and community development; private sector entities of business and commerce; national sports organisations; non-governmental organizations with a remit for sports development; educational institutions with a role in sports education; and other persons with an interest in this field of study.

Duration and Award of Programme


Delivery Mode



Programme Structure

This online programme of study consists of a total of 90 credits. Level 1 consists of thirty (30) credits, Level 2 consists of thirty (30) credits, and Level 3 consists of thirty (30) credits.


When will the programme start?

The programme starts in August of the academic year.


Entry Requirements

All persons entering the BSc Sport Leadership and Management  programme must have a minimum of five passes thus:

1. Mathematics and English Language from either or both of the following examination bodies:

  • General Certificate of Education, Ordinary level (GCE O’Level) Grades A, B or C
  • Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) General Proficiency Level 1 or 2, General Proficiency Level 3 after 1998.

2. Two subjects from either or both of the following examination bodies.

  • General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level (GCE A’ Level) Grades A, B, C, D, or E.
  • Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Units 1 & 2 of each course. Grades 1- 5

Candidates with qualifications other than the ones specified will be assessed on a case by case basis.  


Academic Preparation

Applicants seeking entry into the programme must, prior to enrolment, be able to use the computer for word processing, to store and retrieve information, as a communication device (e.g., for emailing), and to surf the Web. Applicants must also be able to read and write at a level necessary to complete a UWI Open Campus application form and to participate successfully in the programme.

Course of Study
Level 1 
SPLM 1203
Introduction to Sport Business Management
SPLM 1202
Lifelong Sport and Physical Activity
SPLM 1201
Sport Leadership
HIST 1018
The Origins and Growth of Modern Sport (1850-1945)
SPKN 1104
Introduction to Sport & Exercise Psychology
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Caribbean Civilisation
Introductory Statistics
Science, Medicine and Technology in Society
English for Academic Purposes
Level 2 
SPRM 2211
Recreation, Leisure and Sport Services
SPLM 2205
Sport Injury Management
SPLM 2204
Sport and Event Marketing
SPLM 2203
Fundamentals of Sport Administration
SPLM 2202
Sport Economics and Finance
SPLM 2201
Human Resource Management in Sport
SPKN 2105
Research Methods in Sport and Exercise Science
PHIL 2028
Sports Ethics
SPKN 2108
Pharmacology and Doping in Sport
SPSC 2025
Sport Law (Cave Hill)
Level 3 
SPSC 3005
Sport In The Global Market Place (Elective)
SPFM 3222
Sport Recreational Facilities Management (Elective)
SPSC 3009
Sport Policy and Development
SPSC 3004
Sport Operations and Planning
SPKN 3103
Data Analysis in Sport and Exercise Science
SPKN 3104
Sport Technology and Design
LANG 3101
Communication in the Workplace: Principles and Practice
Sports Tourism
Research Project/Practicum