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Certificate in Criminology

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You are aware of the rapid growth of crime in the Caribbean and the negative impact it is having on the region’s citizens and visitors. You are also aware of the growing need for highly qualified and dedicated professionals to tackle this problem. The complexity of criminal activity and the many unresolved criminal cases in the region have also heightened the need for more sophisticated and efficient crime fighting systems. In response to the demand, the UWI Open Campus has developed three levels of certification in Criminology, geared specifically for Caribbean countries.


Who is this programme for?

The Level-I certificate (9 credits) targets persons wishing to familiarize themselves with, and gain entrance into, the field. Level-II (18 credits) targets entry-level professionals, first-line supervisors, and mid-career professionals who wish to renew or update their skills. Level-III (24 credits) targets mid-, to upper- level law enforcement and other criminal justice professionals interested in promotional opportunities or career changes within their current area of specialization.


Programme Structure

The programme is offered entirely online. That means you may arrange your study to fit your life style: you can work from your home, office, hotel room, wherever there is Internet connection. The Level-I certificate (consisting of 3 courses: two general education courses (in English and Math) and one introductory Criminology course) may be completed in one semester (4 months). Building on Level-I, the Level-II certificate adds three more Criminology courses, and may be completed in 2 semesters (8 months). Level-III adds to Level-II, two courses that explore specialized Criminology topics. It may be completed in 3 semesters (12 months).


When will the programme start?

The programme starts in August  of the academic year.


Entry Requirements

Persons seeking entry into the programme must, prior to enrolment, be able to use the computer for word processing, to store and retrieve information, as a communication device (e.g., emailing), and to surf the web. Applicants must also be able to read and write at a level necessary to complete a UWI Open Campus application form.

Proficiency testing will not be conducted. The decision about proficiency in computer usage is left up to the applicant. Applicants who believe they are not sufficiently computer literate should gain such proficiency before applying to the programme. Such proficiency may be attained, for instance, by taking the appropriate course of study offered by the Open Campus IT Academy. For information on such courses applicants are advised to contact their nearest Open Campus center.

Two general education courses (Maths Essential for Tertiary Level Study and Reading and Writing Essential for Tertiary Level Studies) form part of the core requirements of this programme (waivers are granted, see below). These two courses meet the literacy and numeracy requirements necessary for success in other courses making up the programme. Persons enrolled in the programme are required to complete the general education courses before enrolling in the field-specific courses.

The general education requirements may be waived for applicants who possess at least the equivalent of a Grade III CSEC General Proficiency qualification in English A and Mathematics (circa 1998 or later). Below is a sample of equivalent qualifications that may be used as general education waivers. Note: the list is not exhaustive.

  1. Grade A - C passes in GCE ‘O’Level Mathematics and English,
  2. Grades I - V passes in CAPE Mathematics and English,
  3. Passes in Level-1Mathematics and English courses offered by UWI,
  4. Passes (at the UWI Level-1 equivalent) in Mathematics and English from a tertiary level institution recognized for normal matriculation at UWI, and
  5. A tertiary level qualification from UWI or from a tertiary level institution recognized for normal matriculation at UWI.


Academic Preparation

Prior to the start of the programme all new participants must take part in an orientation programme held in August of an academic year.  This orientation introduces learners to online study and prepares them for the demands of a UWI Open Campus Associate Degree programme.

Orientation to Online Learning
Improving your Study Skills


Course of Study
Level 1 
Fundamentals of English
Gentle Math
Introduction to Criminology
Level 2 
Introduction to Crime Prevention
Crime Investigation
Level 3 
Criminalistics of Cyber Crime
Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation