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Certificate Fundamentals Of Statistical Analysis Techniques

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This Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programme in Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis Techniques is a 90 contact hour programme consisting of 3 courses and is geared towards equipping individuals with basic statistical analysis skills. The programme exposes participants to statistical analysis using appropriate software to illustrate these. It is a hands-on programme that relies on the use of statistical software and the interpretation of statistical output rather than the theoretical underpinnings of the statistical procedures. The target group is individuals who need a hands-on approach to performing statistical procedures. As a result, participants will include working professionals engaged in some form of statistical analysis in performance of their work-related tasks. 
While data may exist in all fields of study, it is the extraction of information from the data that is of prime importance in order to make effective decisions. Regionally (and globally), statistical literacy is becoming increasingly important as more and more decisions are being based on data. The UWI Open Campus has expressed a commitment to workforce training required to meet the developmental needs of the region. This programme in Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis Techniques is one resource that can assist professionals with the tools necessary to upgrade the statistical literacy of persons in the Caribbean. 
The programme includes three courses and begins with a course dedicated to fundamental concepts in statistical analysis. It then builds on this foundation with two courses that are designed to provide a practical application of statistical analysis techniques that are most relevant to the modern workplace. The programme is primarily focused on enhancing the skill set of members of the workforce who are actively engaged in research but lack an understanding of how to effectively gather and analyse data to inform important business decisions.  

Aims and Objectives

The main goal of this programme is to provide a basic instruction to practical statistical analysis. As such, participants will be exposed to different statistical procedures from an applied perspective incorporating relevant statistical software where possible. The main aim is to produce participants that are conversant with data and issues surrounding statistical analysis. The programme also emphasises communicating the results of statistical analyses to a general audience.   
While the aim of the programme is not to produce a full-fledged statistician, it seeks to provide the fundamental statistical tools required to assist working professionals from other subject areas such as education or the wider social sciences to be confident in treating with common statistical procedures.   
The objectives of the programme are to: 
  • Produce individuals with the necessary  knowledge that will enable them to readily apply their expertise to basic statistical analyses; 
  • Develop individuals  with a strong foundation in quantitative data analysis; 
  • Produce individuals  who can communicate statistical ideas and concepts both orally and in written formats; 
  • Develop individuals who can use appropriate statistical software for basic statistical analysis; 
  • Train individuals to work independently or in groups; 

Target Audience

This programme is designed for individuals who need to become conversant with issues surrounding data as well as develop foundational statistical analysis skills to inform business decisions. This would be particularly useful for those participants in positions in private and public sector entities that require the collection and analysis of data as a primary responsibility. It is also ideal for those who are interested in self-development. 

Entry Requirements  

While the programme does not have any pre-requisites, participants’ knowledge of Mathematics up to the level of CSEC Mathematics or its equivalent will be an asset. Computer literacy and knowledge of Microsoft Office is necessary.  Knowledge of the material in the Data Management and Analysis CPE programme would also be beneficial though not necessary. 

Programme Structure 


Course Codes

Course Titles

Continuing Education Units


Semester I



Foundations of Statistical Analysis  



Statistical Analysis and Interpretation of Quantitative Data 



Semester II



Statistical Analysis Techniques II


When Will the Programme Start?

Contact your nearest Open Campus Country Site on the start date for the programme.  

How Do I Apply?

Kindly contact an Open Campus Country Site location nearest to you for further information on the application process.

Course Cost

Please contact your nearest Open Campus Site location for information on the cost for this programme. Locations can be found at this link:

Programme Duration

This programme will be offered for two (2) semesters of thirteen (13) weeks each

Assessment Structure  

A model of continuous in-course assessment is proposed for all courses to be offered in this programme. Participants will be assessed at different intervals over the duration of each course as an alternative to mid-semesters and final examinations.. Participants are provided with more than one opportunity to develop mastery and as a result, develop their own pace as they progress through each course. This assessment method, therefore, enhances learning since students will be able to remediate weaknesses and enhance strengths before each course ends.