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Certificate in Grant Proposal Writing

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The Continuing Professional Education (CPE) course in Grant Proposal Writing will span 30 contact hours and is geared toward equipping professionals with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to develop and write grant proposals which stand a strong chance of receiving funding.  The target group is senior and middle managers of nonprofit organizations seeking grants for various community development activities. 


This course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff in non-profit and community based organizations to enable them to develop proposals which will get funded by financiers. Participants will be exposed to the techniques of how to package their ideas and needs into effective proposals which will encourage financiers to provide funds for their projects.   

Aims and Objectives  

The aim of this course is to provide grant seekers with the basic knowledge, skills and techniques required to prepare a standard grant proposal for submission to a financier. 
At the end of this course, students should be able to: 
  • Identify the fundamental components which make up a standard grant proposal 
  • Describe the fundamental components of a standard grant proposal 
  • Determine the information required to prepare a standard grant proposal 
  • Develop a grant proposal using a standard grant proposal format 

Who is the course for? 

The course is targeted at individuals who are involved in working with Civil Society, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), Service Organizations and Community Based Organizations who will have the responsibility for preparing proposals for grant financing to implement their development projects and activities.   

Entry Requirements  

This course is designed for individuals with good writing and organizational skills. Some basic understanding of management and organizations should also be possessed.  

Course Structure 

 Course Codes

Course Titles

Continuing Education Units 

Semester I




Grant Proposal Writing



Course Units

  • Unit1: Introduction to Proposal Writing
  • Unit 2:  Planning the Proposal 
  • Unit 3:  Proposal Development 
  • Unit 4:  Finalising the Proposal 
  • Unit 5:  Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • Unit 6:  Next Steps 

When Will the Programme Start?

Contact your nearest Open Campus Country Site on the start date for the programme.  

How Do I Apply?

Kindly contact an Open Campus Country Site location nearest to you for further information on the application process.

Course Cost

Please contact your nearest Open Campus Site location for information on the cost for this programme. Locations can be found at this link:

Assessment Structure  

A model of continuous in-course assessment is proposed for this course. Students will be assessed at different intervals over the duration of the course to include individual assignments and group work as an alternative to examinations. Continuous assessment is learner-focused and reduces anxiety with respect to the finality of testing. Students are provided with more than one opportunity to develop mastery and as a result, develop their own pace as they progress through each course. This assessment method, therefore, enhances learning since students will be able to remediate weaknesses before each course ends.