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Certificate in Human Ecology

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Certificate in Human Ecology

This pre-university certificate is offered online by the UWI St. Augustine Campus with support and delivery made possible through a collaboration with the Open Campus. While all successful applicants will be St. Augustine students, learning will take place in the home country of the student.

Programme Summary

This certificate has been designed to improve the preparedness of students wishing to take degrees in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Science, Food Service and Nutritional Sciences in the Faculty of Food and Agriculture. This certificate seeks to provide training that sets a solid foundation for the pursuance of the relevant degrees at UWI. It also seeks to provide an opportunity for persons desirous of matriculating for our programmes and those contemplating changing careers paths. It can also be taken by persons who simply want to take courses for personal reasons such as improving knowledge in related areas.

Commencement Date

September 2021

Entry Requirements

  1. Passes in a minimum of five (5) subjects at CSEC (CXC) General Proficiency (Grades I-III) or GCE O-levels or their equivalent, which must include English Language, Mathematics, any two (2) of the following: Chemistry, Biology, Human and Social Biology, Integrated Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Food and Nutrition and Health, Textiles, Clothing and Fashion, Physics, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Principles of Business Accounting, foreign language and Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) LEVEL 1 equivalent in technical vocation subjects.


  1. the above and One (1) CAPE Subject

Programme of Study

The programme is designed to be completed in one academic year of full-time study or 2 years part-time study. The courses are scheduled as follows:

Semester 1


Course code

Course Title

No. of Credits

ENTI  0101

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


HUEC 0101

Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition I


AGUD 0103

Agricultural Chemistry*


AGUD 0104

Agricultural Biology I*


HUEC 0103

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology I



Total credits                              Semester 1





Semester 2






HUEC 0102

Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition II


HUEC 0104

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology II


HUEC 0105

Food and Nutritional Chemistry 


HUEC 0106

Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences


AGUD 0107




Total credits                             Semester 2



Total programme credits