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Certificate in Introduction to Family Law in Selected Jurisdictions

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This continuing education course of Introduction to Family Law in Selected Jurisdictions is comprised of 30 contact hours which will introduce participants to the core legal frameworks surrounding 6 topics in the law concerning familial relationships.  Participants will be exposed to the way in which the law negates and develops rights and responsibilities with regards to core familial relationships. By exposing participants to the basic legal frameworks, the course will assist in generating knowledge and understanding amongst participant of their legal rights and responsibilities, which should in turn assist with ensuring such rights, are respected and upheld within local communities. 
The course is designed to enable participants to develop knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and basic frameworks governing every-day, familial relationships. For many, this will be their first introduction to the law, and through the use of independent thought and discussion, participants will develop not only an understanding but also a critical view on the legal frameworks affecting and developing familial relationships in the region.  The course may be of interest to participants who have a legal background, those who engage or have engaged in social work or those with a general interest in family related issues in the Commonwealth Caribbean. 


Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to:
  • Identify the various familial relationships recognized under the law. 
  • Explore the legal rights and responsibilities of parents.
  • Explore domestic violence in the region. 
  • Examine specific frameworks surrounding dissolution of marriage.
  • Examine women’s role in relationships, within families and communities.
  • Explain the inheritance rights of surviving spouse and children

Who is this course for?

This short continuing education certificate course comprising three continuing education units is designed for persons with an interest in family law and persons in social services working with families and children.   

Course Structure

This course is divided into 6 units comprising 30 contact hours, earning 3 continuing education credits.   The units to be covered in this course are as follows:
  • Unit 1: Introduction to the legal system in selected jurisdictions
  • Unit 2: Dissolution of marriage and the legal consequences
  • Unit 3: Domestic violence
  • Unit 4: Rights and responsibilities of parents in relation to their child
  • Unit 5: Cohabitational relationships 
  • Unit 6 : Succession

When Will The Programme Start?

Contact your nearest Open Campus Country Site on the start date for the programme.  

How Do I Apply?

Kindly contact an Open Campus Country Site location nearest to you for further information on the application process.

Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites.  The rationale for enrolment is expected to range from personal interest to professional and vocational benefits. 

Duration of Course

The course will be offered face-to-face for 10 weeks.

Course Cost

Please contact your nearest Open Campus Site for information on the cost for this programme.

Method Of Assessment

Participants will be graded based on a combination of written and oral course components. Participants will not be assessed on their core knowledge of the law; but rather on their opinions and thoughts of the topics covered throughout the course.