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Certificate in Women, Entrepreneurship and Society

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Women Entrepreneurs – Turning Differences into Success


Course Overview

This continuing education course in Women, Entrepreneurship and Society comprise 30 contact hours which are geared towards equipping women with the knowledge about societal conditions that support and block the success of women entrepreneurs.

The course will provide the participants with unique opportunities and resources to explore and understand the historical and contemporary status of women’s entrepreneurship in the Caribbean. Strong emphasis is placed on the development of a real world, workable, implementable business model that applies the proper methods, techniques and skills needed for successfully developing and growing a new venture.  While some theory will be explored, the major thrust of this course will be to insure that the primary product of the course, the Business Plan, has immediate, real world application.  Some topics which will be explored are:

  • The historical and contemporary status of women’s entrepreneurship in the Caribbean
  • Societal conditions that support and block women entrepreneurs 
  • Hands-on business planning strategies and tools 
  • Unique opportunities and resources, including the need for specialized communities, funding, government policies and regulations
  • Empowerment through entrepreneurship


Who is this course for?

This short continuing education certificate course is designed for persons with a general interest in entrepreneurship and the challenges faced by women.

Course Topics

Unit 1: Introduction to Women, Entrepreneurship and Society

Unit 2: Women’s Entrepreneurship in Caribbean Societies

Unit 3: Entrepreneurial Opportunities:  How they are Recognized and Realized

Unit 4: Developing Your Business: Creating a Business Model

Unit 5: Financial Feasibility, Value Proposition and Business Growth

Unit 6: Building Networks and Social Media Marketing

Unit 7: Barriers and Sources of Support for Women Entrepreneurs

Unit 8: Finding Work-Life Balance for Women Entrepreneurs

Unit 9: Public Policy Needs

Method of Assessment

Participants will be graded based on a combination of written and oral course components. The written components comprise a business model assignment and a mid-term assignment. The oral component includes an in-class presentation of an entrepreneurial profile, and class participation/attendance.

Course Application

There are no prerequisites.  However, participants should have a genuine interest in the subject matter.  It is anticipated that all students will have good written and verbal communication skills.


Application forms for this course can be collected from:

The University of the West Indies

Open Campus

The Pine, St. Michael, Barbados


Course Registration Period

All application forms must be returned to The UWI Open Campus, The Pine, St. Michael by August 31, 2017 between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m.


Duration of Course

The course will be offered face-to-face for 10 weeks commencing September 2017.


Course Cost



This course will be offered face to face at The UWI Open Campus Country Sites

The Pine, St. Michael, Barbados.