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Doctor of Educational Leadership in Higher Education

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The EdD in Educational Leadership has been designed to meet the needs of current or aspiring leaders in education. These persons need a broad scholarly understanding of contemporary issues in education; practical skills in managing educational institutions as well as personal attributes that are necessary for ethical and transformative leadership. This broad array of competences is fostered better by a taught professional doctorate as opposed to a research doctorate, which typically requires a very narrow research focus and which is designed primarily to prepare persons for careers in teaching and research.

The programme has two specialisations: a) Higher Education, for those interested in tertiary education and b) Schools & Education Systems, for those interested in primary and secondary education.

About the Progamme
The EdD in Educational Leadership has been designed to meet the needs of current and prospective leaders in Schools and Education Systems or in Higher Education. It aims to develop:

  1. specialised knowledge pertaining to leadership in a diverse educational environment; educational technology, managing change in educational organizations; policies, practices, and legal issues in education; managing educational resources, contemporary approaches to educational issues and programme evaluation
  2. broad integrative knowledge in organizational systems, theories and contexts in education, principled practice and evidence-based practice
  3. intellectual skills in analytic inquiry; creativity; the ability to engage with diverse perspectives while retaining one’s regional identity; the use of information sources and technology; communicative fluency; quantitative fluency; personal autonomy; setting and achieving goals and inter-personal skills
  4. applied knowledge that manifests through research, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership
  5. civic knowledge, attitudes and values with respect to contemporary international and regional issues such gender awareness, social, cultural and environmental responsibility; sustainable practices and ethics. 

Who is this programme for?

The programme is designed for persons who are engaged in administrative, supervisory and leadership functions. These include:

  • Senior teachers
  • School principals
  • Lecturers and administrators in tertiary level institutions
  • Officials in Ministries of Education such as Curriculum Officers and Permanent Secretaries of Education
  • Persons who are qualified at the graduate level and are desirous of employment in leadership positions in higher education

Delivery Mode

The programme is delivered fully online.

Programme Structure

The programme is a 66 credit course of study that includes:

1. Core courses in Educational Leadership
2. Specialisation courses in Schools and Education Systems or Higher Education
3. Courses in research methods
4. Thesis courserooms to support students in their research projects
5. Aresearch project culminating in a thesis

When will the programme start?

This offering of the programme begins in August 2015.

Entry Requirements

The general prerequisite for entry into the programme will be a Taught Masters degree in an appropriate field from the UWI or another approved University, having achieved at least a B+ average or its equivalent. 

Academic Preparation

The general prerequisite for entry into the programme will be a Taught Masters degree in an appropriate field from the UWI or another approved University, having achieved at least a B+ average or its equivalent. 

Duration and Award of the EdD Educational Leadership Programme

The EdD in Educational Leadership Programme will be offered for a minimum of 36 months (3 Years) full-time and a minimum of 48 months (4 Years) part-time . Students who meet the criterion for full-time registration are required to complete a maximum of 3 courses per Semester and 2 in the Summer. Students who are registered as part-time are required to take 2 courses per Semester and 1 in the Summer.

The UWI Regulation for Graduate Registration

In accordance with The UWI Graduate Regulations, “Full-time students may take employment for not more than twelve hours per week without losing their full-time status otherwise they shall be registered as part-time. However, research students who hold Teaching or Research Assistantships in the area of their research programmes may be registered as full-time students, provided that their employment commitment does not exceed twenty hours per week” (Graduate Regulation 1.46).

Course of Study
Level 1 
Graduate Introduction to Online Learning
EDRS 8001
Qualitative Research Methods and Data Analysis for Education Practitioners
Research Processes in Education
EDEL 8002
Digital Literacy for Educators
EDEL 8006
Managing Educational Resources: Human Capital Management
EDEL 8005
Legal Issues in Education: A Caribbean Perspective
EDEL 8003
Organizational Systems, Theory and Contexts in Caribbean Education
EDEL 8001
Technological Leadership in Education
EDEL 8000
Leadership In A Diverse Educational Environment
Level 2 
EDHE 8003
Trends, Issues, and Challenges in Higher Education
Perspectives on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
EDRS 8008
Quantitative Research Methods and Data Analysis for Education Practitioners
EDHE 8002
Managing Educational Resources: Financial Planning and Management in Higher Education
EDHE 8001
Higher Education Administration
EDEL 8008
Education Policy and Programme Evaluation
EDEL 8007
Contemporary Approaches to Educational Issues in the Caribbean
EDEL 8004
Leading and Managing Change in Educational Organizations
Level 3 
EDEL 8009
Comprehensive Examination
EDRS 8009
Research Project Submission
EDRS 8004
Research Course Room III: Writing and Presenting the Research Project
EDRS 8003
Research Course Room II: Data Collection and Analysis
EDRS 8002
Research Course Room I: Proposal Writing