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MSc Management (Management Information Systems)

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How prepared are you to meet the need for effective leadership in our 21st century workforce? Do you have the management competencies that are crucial for upward mobility and nation building? There is an ever-increasing demand in the public, private and non-profit sectors for innovative and primed managers who possess the skills needed to make strategic economic, financial and marketing decisions that will grow our Caribbean economies. This programme will equip you with general and specialised skills in contemporary management that will give you the edge in our increasingly competitive environment.

About the Programme

The Master of Science (MSc) in Management seeks to improve the quality of

the management profession in the Caribbean by preparing a cadre of managers and business professionals to function more effectively in organisations. The programme seeks to improve the knowledge and expertise of students by providing them with a deeper, more specialized understanding of their chosen area of management. The Master of Science in Management offers specialisations in General Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Public Sector Management, Project Management and Management Information Systems.

Specifically, the goals of the Management Information Systems (MIS) specialisation are to:

  1. provide current and future managers with a strong grounding in the management of information systems
  2. expose students to ways in which they can use information systems to create competitive advantage
  3. enable students to serve the needs of various stakeholders at their organisations by effectively managing information accessible to them
  4. aid students in formulating strategies for solving real world problems and challenges facing contemporary managers of information systems

Who is this programme for?

The specialisation in MIS is designed to meet the needs of graduates who are engaged in managerial functions as well as those who wish to assume a managerial role in organisations, and who need additional training to successfully carry out these roles. In a world where organisations are constantly relying on information to drive management decision-making, it is important to have an efficient management information system in place to guide this process.

The specialisation in MIS seeks to attract persons who hold a first degree in Information Technology, Business Management or any related discipline and are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in MIS. In addition, the specialisation is suitable to those individuals who currently work in the following fields or other related area(s).

● Software Engineering

● Business Analytics

● System Administration

● Information Technology Management

Programme Structure

The MSc Management Studies (Management Information Systems) is a forty-one (41) credit programme.

The programme comprises the following courses:

1) Five (5) core courses in management

Management Essentials I (3 credits)

Management Essentials II (3 credits)

Sustainable Financial Management (4 credits)

Management Information Systems (4 credits)

Critical Analytical and Communication Skills for Managers (3 credits)

2) Five (5) specialization courses in Management Information Systems

Introduction to Software Engineering (3 credits)

Business Intelligence (3 credits)

Introduction to Programming Databases and Networks (3 credits)

IT Project Management (3 credits)

IT Governance and Policies (3 credits)

3) Research processes (3 credits)

4) Research proposal / Practicum proposal (3 credits)

5) Research project / Practicum (3 credits)

Duration and Award of Programme

The programme will be offered over a minimum of twenty-four (24) months. However, students will have the option of exiting upon successful completion of the five core courses and one course from any of the areas of specialisation, and will be eligible for the award of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies.

Delivery Mode

The programme is delivered fully online.

Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree (at least a Lower Second Class or its equivalent) from an approved tertiary institution.

Holders of the Graduate Diploma in Management Studies may transition into the programme as per Board for Graduate Studies and Research Regulations.

Academic Preparation

All new graduate students are required to do the Graduate Introduction to Online Learning (OOL6001) before starting the programme.

Duration and Award of the MSc Management Studies Programme

The MSc Management Studies Programme will be offered for a minimum of twenty-four (24) months (2 years) full-time and a minimum of thirty-six (36) months part-time (2 years and 2 semesters). Students who meet the criterion for full-time registration are required to complete a maximum of 3 courses per Semester and 2 in the Summer. Students who are registered as part-time, are required to take 2 courses per Semester and 1 in the Summer.

The UWI Regulation for Graduate Registration

In accordance with The UWI Graduate Regulations, “Full-time students may take employment for not more than twelve hours per week without losing their full-time status otherwise they shall be registered as part-time. However, research students who hold Teaching or Research Assistantships in the area of their research programmes may be registered as full-time students, provided that their employment commitment does not exceed twenty hours per week” (Graduate Regulation 1.46).