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Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies

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This programme aims to strengthen the academic abilities, transferable skills and professional competencies that are expected from students educated at the graduate level. The programme therefore, seeks to produce graduates who are critical and creative thinkers; effective communicators with good interpersonal skills; IT-skilled and information literate; innovative and entrepreneurial; globally aware and well-grounded in his/her regional identity; socially, culturally and environmentally responsible; who are guided by strong ethical values; who can set and achieve goals; who have leadership qualities and can make new contributions to knowledge (UWI, 2012).

Objectives of the Programme

The Graduate Diploma in Management Studies is geared towards assisting management professionals to develop a sound understanding of business and organisational contexts and prepare them to acquire foundational competencies in a variety of areas of management in order to improve their managerial decision-making abilities. 

On completion of the Graduate Diploma in Management Studies, students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills in the context of business environments or government organisations
  • Make sound management decisions based on the economic, financial, organisational, social and cultural context individually and in teams
  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills  
  • Communicate effectively and perceptively both orally and in writing.

Who is this programme for?

The programme seeks to target persons who are engaged in administrative, supervisory and management functions. 

Programme Structure

The Graduate Diploma in Management Studies is a twenty (20) - credit programme comprised of:

  • Critical Analytical and Communication Skills for Managers (3 credits)
  • Management Essentials I  (3 credits)
  • Management Essentials II (3 credits)
  • Sustainable Financial Management  (4 credits)
  • Management Information Systems  (4 credits)
  • One 3-credit elective from any of the specialisations in the MSc Management Studies programme

Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree (at least a Lower Second Class or its equivalent) from an approved tertiary institution.

Academic Preparation

All new graduate students are required to do the Graduate Introduction to Online Learning (OOL6001) before starting the programme.

Duration and Award of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies will be offered for a minimum of twelve (12) months full-time and a minimum of fifteen (15) months part-time (1 Year and 1 Semester). Students who meet the criterion for full-time registration are required to complete a maximum of 3 courses per Semester and 2 in the Summer. Students who are registered as part-time, are required to take 2 courses per Semester and 1 in the Summer.

The UWI Regulation for Graduate Registration

In accordance with The UWI Graduate Regulations, “Full-time students may take employment for not more than twelve hours per week without losing their full-time status otherwise they shall be registered as part-time. However, research students who hold Teaching or Research Assistantships in the area of their research programmes may be registered as full-time students, provided that their employment commitment does not exceed twenty hours per week” (Graduate Regulation 1.46).