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A Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting

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Workshop Title:  A Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting 

Workshop Code:  MGMT 271
Credits: None.  Certificate of Participation
Level: CPE  
Application Deadline: September 18, 2019  
Cost, Payment Deadline and Payment Information: US$120.00  by September 30, 2019 - Applicants will be sent information on how to proceed with payment, after completing and submitting their online application form.
Participants' Profile 
The profile of workshop participants includes the following
  1. Newly registered exporting entities
  2. Aspiring exporters
  3. New employees of exporting entities
  4. Customs Brokers and other Logistics service providers who advise export clients or execute export functions.
  5. University or college students pursuing entrepreneurial or business related programmes
Workshop Rationale
It has been established over the years that one of the leading causes of the underperformance of Jamaican exporters in the global market is their inability to adequately meet the demands of the overseas market and/or the inability of their produced goods to meet international standards. Another fundamental barrier to their progress is inadequate knowledge about the export process and procedures, as well as the services of the key agencies involved in facilitating trade. It is against this background that JAMPRO has been hosting a series of “Step by Step Guide to Exporting” workshops since 2010, to expose prospective exporters on the various stages involved in exporting products to overseas markets.  In order to provide greater access to the content of this workshop, JAMPRO and the UWI Open Campus have collaborated to convert the information presented to an online workshop. 
Workshop Description
The Step by Step Guide to Exporting Online Workshop is designed to inform, expose and empower aspiring and newly registered exporters, particularly those in the Agribusiness Industry, on how to navigate the export process. The overall objective of the workshop is to provide participants with value added information on the export process so as to facilitate greater penetration of export markets, while exposing them to the various requirements and procedures in conducting export transactions. The content of the workshop will cover the dos and don'ts of exporting; the regulations and procedures governing exports; the roles of key players in the exporting business; documentation and requirements required for exporting and the benefits of exporting and the support services available to exporters. 
Workshop Objectives:
Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to: 
  1. Select appropriate overseas export markets for various products.
  2. Adhere to internationally recognised standards when labelling and packaging products.
  3. Conform to food and safety requirements for the export of products.
  4. Analyze different financing options available for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs).
  5. Outline registration, certification and licensing requirements for the export of products.
  6. Summarise the necessary procedures that exporters must follow when preparing products for shipping and exporting abroad.
Workshop Content
Module 1:  Ready: Preparing for Export Markets Part 1 – Key Considerations
1.1 Preparing for Export Markets
1.2 The Scientific Research Council’s (SRC) Support to MSMEs (Business Opportunities  and Product Development)
1.3 Registering your Trade Mark Overseas
1.4 US Market Requirements for Food Safety
1.5 Labelling and Packaging Requirements
1.6 Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
Module 1:  Preparing for Export Markets Part 2 – Financing Options
1.7 Development Bank of Jamaica Providing Financing Solutions for Businesses 
1.8 Accessing Funding to Finance Exports (Exim Bank)
1.9 Alternative Financing Options
Module 2: Set: Certification and Licensing Requirements for Exporting Products 
2.1 Export Certification at the Trade Board 
2.2 Testing Export Products for Market Compliance
2.3 Export of Fresh Agricultural Produce (Plant Quarantine Produce Inspection Branch)
2.4 Veterinary Services Division Export Procedures
2.5 Incentives for Manufacturers and Primary Producers
Module 3:  Go:  Getting Your Products Shipped and Exported 
3.1 Exporter Registration Process (JAMPRO)
3.2 The Export Process – The Jamaica Customs Agency
3.3 Shipment of Parcels through Jamaica Post
3.4 Scope of Shipping and Logistics: Available Options
3.5 Summary of Strategies for New and Prospective Exporters – A Step by Step Guide
Teaching Methods:
This workshop will be a self-paced online workshop using asynchronous modes of communication when necessary.  The workshop will be delivered using narrated presentations and students will be expected to engage in independent study.  The Workshop will be delivered over an elapse time of eight (8) weeks.
This self-paced workshop uses 100% continuous assessment. There is no examination; instead the focus will be on continuous, computer-based quizzes linked to the module objectives. Students who successfully complete -80% of the quizzes will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.  
Where applicable, any additional resources such as workshop handouts, forms, brochures, etc. will be provided on the online workshop space.