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On successful completion of your programme your Certificate will be issued to you via your site as follows:

  • For students completing their programme at the end of Semester 1, certificates are available from April 1;
  • For students completing their programme at the end of Semester 2, certificates are available from September 1; 
  • For students completing their programme in the Summer, certificates are available from November 1.  

A valid form of identification must be presented, that is a Driver’s License, Passport or National Identification in order to receive your certificate.

If you are unable to collect your certificate in person, it may be collected by a third party on your behalf.  However, you must provide a letter of authorization, a valid form of identification and the individual collecting the certificate on your behalf must also possess a valid form of identification.

Certificates are only issued to graduates who are in good financial standing with the University.


Your certificate is a very valuable document.  The importance of collecting and keeping it in a safe place cannot be overly emphasized.  The current policy of the University on the replacement of certificates which are lost or damaged, states in part:

  1. That Replacement Certificates may be issued at a cost to be determined from time to time by the Vice-Chancellor on behalf of the Finance and General Purposes Committee;
  2. The charge shall be sufficient to deter flippant requests;
  3. The replacement documents shall be embossed with the words ‘Replacement’ and endorsed “the original of this document was issued on (date)”.

Graduates requesting replacement certificates may request same by completing and submitting the replacement form.  The current cost for each replacement certificate is US$175.00.