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Conduct of Examination

The UWI has four campuses; in most cases, examination papers are different for each campus for logistical reasons. Therefore, when attending an examination, you should ensure that the examination paper is the one prescribed for Open Campus students – this will be clearly stated at the top of the examination paper. 

All written final examinations have sessions scheduled either for 9:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. and are two or three hours in duration. In some exceptional cases, examinations may be scheduled on public holidays.  Mid-semester examinations are usually held from 5:00 p.m.

Examination times are adjusted for students in Belize and they must contact the Belize Site for details of these adjustments.

Examinations Timetable

The Examinations Timetable for Open Campus students is scheduled differently from the one for students at any of the other campuses.  Make sure that the Examinations Timetable from which you take your schedule is the Open Campus Examinations Timetable.

You will be informed of the dates and times of written examination papers by means of the Examinations Timetable published on the Official Notice Board at your Site and on the Web through the MyOC Student Portal at least one month in advance, or two weeks in the case of mid-Semester, Summer or Re-sit Examinations.  Any changes in dates after publication shall be brought to your attention by means of additional notices posted at each Site and on the Web.  You will not be informed individually of such changes.  Under no circumstances will any such changes be made later than one week prior to the commencement of the series of examinations.  You should therefore verify your examinations timetable one week before the examination period.  You should also make sure you take the date and time of your examination from a final timetable and not a draft (drafts are subject to change).

If you are absent from an examination owing to a mis-reading of the timetable you shall be liable to the normal penalties for absence from an examination (i.e. you will be awarded a grade of Failed Absent/FA) and will have to await the next officially scheduled sitting to take the examination.  Note that FA grades reduce your GPA.



A student with a permanent or temporary incapacity or disability may apply to the Campus Registrar for special arrangements to be made to accommodate such incapacity or disability in relation to any examination, including an oral examination and/or coursework.  The arrangement desired should be specified and must be accompanied by a Medical Report as proof of such incapacity or disability submitted to the Campus Registrar; through the Senior Assistant Registrar of Assessment, Awards and Records at