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Open Campus Honour Roll

The Campus Honour Roll/List recognizes BSc and BEd undergraduate students for their outstanding academic performance in each of the regular semesters during each academic year (Semester 1 and Semester 2)  but not the Third Semester (Semester 3) or Summer School. The inclusion of students' names on the Campus Honour Roll  is one of the ways in which The UWI Open Campus (UWIOC) recognizes excellence. At the end of each semester the names of our students who have achieved a minimum semester Grade Point Average of 3.6 will be published on the UWIOC website. Upon special request, a student will receive a personalized congratulatory letter from the Dean/Director, Academic Programming and Delivery (APAD).

For your personalized congratulatory letter, please submit a request.


Criteria for Inclusion

  • Students must have earned a GPA of 3.6 and above for the applicable semester. Performance during the Summer Semester (Semester 3) or Summer School is not considered.
  • Students must have registered for a minimum of three courses for a total of nine credit hours for the applicable semester. Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis (e.g. foundation courses) shall not be included in the calculation of credit hours earned. Courses taken for Preliminary Credits (PC) or which were Audited (V) shall also not be included in the calculation of courses taken or the credit hours earned.
  • Students must have completed in a satisfactory manner all courses for which they were registered during the applicable semester. Thus, students' records must not have for the applicable semester an AB: Absent, F: Failed, FA: Failed Absent, FC: Failed Coursework, FE: Failed Examination, FT: Failed Theory, I: Incomplete, NA: Not Available, NP: Not Passed, NR: Not Reported or NV: Audited Not Satisfactory.
  • Where students' records have for the applicable semester an IP: In Progress, FM: Failed Medical, or an LW: Late Withdrawal, they may still be placed on the list if they have completed the minimum three courses for a total of nine credit hours and have met the other criteria.

Guidelines for Publication

  • The Campus Honour Roll will  be compiled and published four weeks after the deadline for the posting of final grades for the applicable semester. Once posted, the published Roll/List shall be updated based on late changes to any student's academic record within a month after the official list is published. The name of a student will be deleted if it was placed on the published  Roll/List in error. 
  • The published List shall be posted on designated page on the Open Campus’ website, where it shall also be archived.
  • Students shall be notified of their inclusion by a letter from the Head of Academic Programming and Delivery (APAD). Letters shall be distributed electronically via UWIOC - provided email addresses.
  • The Registry  has recommended that where students have met the criteria for the Campus Honour Roll  a notation be placed on their academic transcripts for each applicable semester. This recommendation is currently under consideration. Unless and until the recommendation is accepted, there shall be no notification on transcripts regarding the List.

Omission from Campus Honour Roll

The Registry makes every effort to ensure that the names of all eligible students are included on the Campus Honour Roll. Occasionally, a student's name may be omitted for reasons that do not relate to a failure to meet the criteria. Two examples are given below.

  • Access to grades were restricted
  • Late submission of grades

Students who feel that they have been omitted from the List in error may send a request for consideration to

Where it is discovered that the name of a student was left off the published Roll/List, a notation shall be made in the Registry's records placing the student's name on the List for the applicable semester, and such students may be notified by email, however, the name shall not be added to the published List (see Guidelines for Publication).

Campus Honour Roll - Semester 1 2020-2021

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Campus Honour Roll - Semester 2 2019-2020

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Campus Honour Roll - Semester 1 2019-2020

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