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Celebrating 1st Class Honours Recipients Lydia Dariah


                      In Celebration of the UWI Open Campus’ 2010, 1st Class Honours Recipients                  


            It is with a special sense of pride that the UWI Open Campus, St Lucia Site extends congratulations to the eight (8) graduates who recently attained 1st Class Honours in their respective programmes.  This week we continue to follow their individual journey’s as the UWI Open Campus celebrates the outstanding performance of yet another of its 2010, 1st Class Honours recipients.


Ms Lydia Suzanne Dariah (1st Class Honours, B.Sc Management Studies)

Ms Lydia Suzanne Dariah is the student every tutor dreams of – driven but not self absorbed, disciplined yet full of ‘joie de vi’vre’ and a willingness to embrace any challenge that comes her way.

The first of three children born to Francis and Adeline Elibox, Ms Dariah attended the Corinth Secondary School from (1997-2002) where she attained eight CXC passes.  In 2004 she graduated from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College where she achieved the award for Academic Excellence having successfullypursued an Associate Degree in Applied Arts – Management.

Ironically, Ms Dariah was not even aware of the different classes of degree that existed until her second year of study.

 “While skimming through the Prospectus I came across a breakdown of the UWI’s GPA system but even then I never once contemplated that I would get First Class Honours - not that I didn’t think that I could- it just wasn’t my main priority.  I had a goal and that goal was to acquire a first degree from a renowned university, as a means for self advancement and improvement.  Also, in light of the regional changeswhich now allow university graduates the opportunity to work within any CARICOM country, I needed to make myself more marketable.”

When asked how she would advise potential students who might be a bit tentative about online study Ms Dariah replied without hesitation:

“People have to accept that we are living in the age of technology and that some of the benefits of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are its flexibility, user-friendliness, and cost effectiveness.  To keep up with the demands of the changing global environment one must keep pace with technological changes and use the resources available to advance one’s self.  Online studying allowed me to take control of the learning process ... to do it at my own pace, without the pressures of a classroom setting.  We must learn to embrace change!”


“The Open Campus is remarkable!  I was really impressed with the software being used to access the online classes and how easy and flexible it was. Everything you needed was right at your figure tips. The layout and design was attractive and made me want to be part of this programme. I was proud to be a student of UWI Open Campus.”


“I would most definitely encourage other St. Lucians to take advantage of the opportunity to get an education in this way.   The UWI Open Campus allows one to attain a first class education in a unique environment: one that allows students to develop independence in their studying, to be creative, to interact with students from different backgrounds and cultures, to stimulate their appetite for learning and enrich their mind.  If one is serious, mature and ready to learn in a dynamic and fruitful way then online study is the way to go”

Not one to let grass grow under her feet, Ms Dariah is already looking ahead to the future.

“I plan to do a Master’s Degree with no other but UWI” she smiled.  “I have already started looking up some specialized areas of study being offered at the different campuses. However, in the meantime I am pursuing short term courses that will further enhance my knowledge, competency and marketability and allow me to eventually pursue a Master’s Degree in International Trade.”

Ms Dariah is currently employed with the Ministry of External Affairs, International Trade and Investment as a Clerk attached to the Information Services Division and has already set her sights on gaining greater exposure within the Public Service where her newly honed skills can be better utilized.


Said Ms Dariah confidently:


“ I am now well positioned to offer  my services as  an individual who has developed her critical thinking skills, her communication and writing skills, her management skills, her level of independence and motivation, her technological skills and her analytical and creative thinking skills. “


She credits her recently deceased mother with being her inspiration, her counselor and her companion during late night studies. “My Mother and God are to be thanked for my success as without their combined support I would not have achieved this milestone.”

The UWI Open Campus congratulates Ms Dariah on her outstanding performance and wishes her every success as she forges ahead with her future career and personal plans.