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Celebrating 1st Class Honours Recipients VMF


In Celebration of the UWI Open Campus’ 2010, 1st Class Honours Recipients

On Saturday 16th October 2010, students of the UWI Open Campus, St Lucia Site will join their fifteen (15) sister campuses in a Grand Graduation Ceremony to be held in Grand Anse, Grenada.   We at the Open Campus St Lucia Site are proud of every single one of our graduates, all of whom have worked hard and sacrificed more to achieve the success they now enjoy. 

However, it is with a special sense of pride that the Open Campus extends its congratulations to the eight (8) graduates who attained 1st Class Honours in their respective programmes.  Follow their individual journeys for the next few weeks as the UWI Open Campus celebrates the outstanding performances of its 2010, 1st Class Honours recipients.

Ms Margaret Huggins (1st Class Honours, Bsc Management Studies)

Ms Margaret Huggins is no stranger to higher education.  A qualified nurse with over 17 years of experience under her belt, Ms Huggins earned her stripesin the various departments of the Victoria Hospital including the Paediatric, Accident and Emergency and Gynaecological Wards.   Prior to her outstanding achievement at the UWI Open Campus, St Lucia, Miss Huggins successfully completed the International Council of Nurses Leadership for Change programme and is a qualified Children’s Nurse, having received a Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing Studies from City University, St. Bartholomew School of Nursing & Midwifery.  She currently holds the position of Ward Manager of the Victoria Hospital Paediatric Ward.


When asked to reveal the secret of her extraordinary success, this mother of two young children replied in her quiet self assured manner:

“I was dedicated to attaining 1st Class Honours when I started the programme and the multi-mode teaching delivery of the Open Campus allowed me the flexibility that I needed in order to do so.”  Ms Huggins credits self-discipline and the continuous support and encouragement received from family and close friends for her success, singling out her mother for special praise. “The journey does not stop here for me” continued Ms Huggins. “I intend to achieve future academic excellence by pursuing Post Graduate Studies...through the Open Campus. 

Ms Huggins also holds the distinction of being one of only five persons from across the region shortlisted to deliver this year’s Valedictory Address at the October 16th Graduation Ceremony in Grenada.


Ms Juana Louis (1st Class Honours, Bed in Educational Administration)

Ms Juana Louis began her teaching career in 1995 at the Gordon & Walcott Memorial Methodist School (formerly the Alix Walcott Methodist School and T.D. Gordon Memorial Methodist School) having graduated from the “A’ Level Division of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College .

After only two years of teaching, she returned to academia, graduating from the Division of Teacher Education and Educational Administration in 1999.  Though acutely aware of the importance of upgrading her qualifications, due to various commitments, she was unable to pursue her dream.  It was not until eight years later when the opportunity to continue working while attending the UWI  Open Campus presented itself, that Ms Louis  was able to enroll in a Bachelor of Education in Educational Administration Programme

A self proclaimed loner, Ms Louis had never previously been one for studying in groups.  However, she now credits the time spent at the Open Campus with exposing her to the value of team work and for solid friendships formed with “the best study buddies I could have ever asked for.” “The constant support was unbelievable” said Ms Louis.

“We basically fed off each other (in a good way) giving and receiving encouragement and motivation from each other.  Inhabiting a virtual campus meant that we now had company at 3am in the morning-albeit in separate households- when reading the huge volume of information that was a requirement for success.”

Ms Louis credits her faith as a Roman Catholic along with tremendous support from family, friends and co-workers for seeing her through the difficult moments of ‘giving her all’ to her studies, while simultaneously shouldering the enormous responsibility of  teaching a Common Entrance class for two of the three years that she attended the Open Campus.  Enjoying simple pleasures like going to the cinema and relaxing at the beach was how she rewarded herself after tough assignments or the end of a hard semester.

When questioned about her recipe for success Ms Louis responded that she always learned from her mistakes and that at every step of her educational journey, she took stock of the previous level and aimed to do better at the next. “I aimed to do my very best” said Ms Louis “and by God’s grace I was able to attain it.” “The standard expected at UWI Open Campus cannot be questioned and I believe that if one can make it there, then one is already a step closer to succeeding at any educational institution one may choose to attend in the future. The hard work cannot be denied but the end result is worth it.” “Any St. Lucian can take the opportunity offered by the Open Campus to build up their educational repertoire.”

The UWI Open Campus, St Lucia salutes both Ms Huggins and Ms Louisfor their outstanding performances and wishes them every success as they forge ahead with their future career and personal goals.