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In Celebration of The UWI’s 1st Class Honours Recipients

In Celebration of The UWI’s 1st Class Honours Recipients

On Saturday 11th October 2014, graduands of The UWI Open Campus, Saint Lucia Site will join their sixteen (16) sister campuses in a formal Graduation Ceremony to be held at The Gaiety on Rodney Bay in St. Lucia. We at the Open Campus Saint Lucia Site are proud of every single one of our graduands, all of whom have worked hard and sacrificed more to achieve the success they now enjoy. However, it is with a special sense of pride that the Open Campus extends its congratulations to those graduands who attained 1st Class Honours in their respective programmes.

This week, as we continue to celebrate the outstanding academic performances of our graduands, we feature Mr Murchel Hippolyte, a Channel Executive at Digicel St. Lucia. A self described lover of music (especially steel pan music), cricket and all that is Caribbean, Murchel’s story is an inspiring one, which we hope will serve as an example to other young men setting their sights on a bright future.

Proverbs 29:18; Where There Is No Vision The People Perish!

In 2011, I visualized where I wanted to be in my personal career and realized that I needed to move towards attaining a degree - a goal about which I had procrastinated for far too long. I chose The UWI Open Campus, not just because of the level of prestige that comes with possessing a UWI degree, but because it was the only campus that allowed me the flexibility needed to accomplish my goals. It was the cheapest campus also, considering the value the degree comprised of. I chose to do my BSc Management Studies (Economics Minor) mainly because I had always wanted to establish my own business and this degree also fell in line with my work role at the time. I’ll tell you one thing for sure - your UWI experience will complement your working life and things will become so much clearer and prosperous for you as an employee of any organization.

My experience at The UWI Open Campus is one I will cherish for a life time. The memories of late night studying on campus with my crew and the echoes of music coming from the Mindoo Phillip Park of an event that we so wanted to go to but couldn’t, because we had to study for our exam the next day, will forever be etched in my mind. It was hard work trying to remain focused, especially after a late night at the office. My job is a demanding one, but I set myself a goal and gave it my all in order to achieve it. I always reminded myself of where I wanted to be at every point in time, ever mindful that “ where there is no vision the people perish.”  I’ll tell you what!  The feeling of being done with your degree, is one of the most rewarding.

As a working student, campus life was not a walk in the park.   At the UWIOC, you really need to apply yourself. It was also very important to have a balanced life - to eat and live healthily, exercise, have a little fun and set aside some family time. One thing that was quite instrumental to my success was the support I received from my family (baby you too) and co-workers.   Many thanks to my little sister for always tidying my room and washing the dishes while I was studying and my colleagues for sacrificing their most wanted vacation days so that I could get some time off to write my exams.

I wish all continuing and potential students the best in their studies and I encourage you to focus and apply yourself. You will have sacrifices to make along the way but the end result will be well worth it.

Sage advice indeed!

The UWI Open Campus, St Lucia congratulates Mr Hippolyte on his outstanding performance, and wishes him every success as he forges ahead with his future career and personal goals.