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In Celebration of The UWI’s 1st Class Honours Recipients (Ms Myra Delice & Ms Sylvia Henry)

In Celebration of The UWI’s 1st Class Honours Recipients


On Saturday 11th October 2014, graduands of The UWI Open Campus, St Lucia Site joined their sixteen (16) sister campuses in a formal Ceremony for the Presentation of Graduates, held at The Gaiety on Rodney Bay in St. Lucia. And what a grand occasion it was, replete with all the pomp and grandeur that such occasions warrant.


It is with great pride that The UWI Open Campus extends congratulations to all of our local graduates and wishes them every success in their future endeavours. This week we feature 1st Class Honours recipients Ms Myra Delice and Ms Sylvia Henry as they reminisce about their individual journeys.

Ms Myra Delice

I commenced my programme with the UWIOC in January 2011 and completed in July 2014. My decision to begin this journey was rather impulsive. However, it was an applicable remedy for the years of procrastination which had proceeded. Initially, I enrolled in the BSc Management Studies, but later added an Economics Minor when I realized that I could pursue my passion (Economics), without leaving St. Lucia. Open Campus life was characterised by a series of good days and bad days, awesome tutors and delinquent tutors, and the forging of some solid, unforgettable friendships.

Amidst the chaos of work, family and the façade of having a social life (lol), online learning was challenging but has proven to be very rewarding. I was certainly not computer savvy, so my challenge was heightened. But I could not turn back - so I embraced it. I got all the navigation assistance required from Lindy Clercin. I later designed a schedule to balance work, home and school, as the most rigorous reading journey of my life commenced. Lunch time, down time and alone time at the office, never seemed to be able to escape a UWIOC text. Those orange guys were always on my mind and in my hand bag. Weekends became a faint memory as my almost nonexistent social life drifted into oblivion… a price I was willing to pay. I kept bumping ideas off my hubby and family in an effort to include them in this experience, as well as broaden my perspective on assignments. I was also able to relate my duties at work to many areas of my coursework, so I always felt some sort of symmetry.

My advice to continuing and potential students? Build relationships! Mindy Chicot, Jilayne Clery and Debbie John were instrumental throughout my UWIOC experience. We encouraged each other constantly. Time management! Success is methodical not a product of luck. Create a method for the madness through balance. Ask questions! Do not remain ignorant. Someone can assist you and the UWIOC wants to be informed of your grievances. Have a positive attitude, learn from past mistakes and develop a habit of excellence.

This was no easy task. But with hard work and perseverance, you too can complete your programme at the UWIOC with honours and without having to leave St. Lucia.


Ms Sylvia Henry

I previously attended the St Joseph’s Convent then moved to the A’ Level Department in Vieux Fort to pursue studies in History, Management Studies and Economics.  I am currently a teacher at the Choiseul Secondary School. After one year as a teacher, I commenced and later successfully completed studies at the SALCC Division of Teachers Education and Educational Administration. I then returned to teach Principles of Business at the Choiseul Secondary School.  However, I was always cognizant of the fact that in this competitive world, a degree was imperative.  Therefore, I made the decision to pursue a BSc in Management Studies, Economics Minor. I opted not to do a degree in Education because I wanted to give myself more scope; I wanted to make myself more marketable in the event that opportunities arose.  Although I am contented to be teacher, my passion has always been Business and Economics.

Having made the decision to further my studies, I opted for The UWI Open Campus because it was more convenient and within my financial capability. I was encouraged by past students who were quite impressed with the quality of training that The UWI offered. From them, I got the feeling that there was something prestigious about being a UWI graduate.

Once I actually started to pursue an Open Campus experience, I learned some hard truths - that the Open Campus was not for the faint hearted.  Juggling a career and studying requires dedication, perseverance, discipline and sacrifice.  At first, I was overwhelmed, which resulted in a performance that was mediocre. However, that spurred me to reach for the stars and to put all my effort into my studies. I am a bit of a perfectionist and for me nothing but excellence would do. 

I must express gratitude to my significant other for all the encouragement and moral support, my Principal and work colleagues for all the words of encouragement, and my friends also, for their  encouragement and all the planned social activities (kabawe moments). I would also like to thank my parents and siblings for all their prayers and for forgiving me for missing all the important family events.

To all continuing and new students, I say to you, “Nothing Succeeds like Success”. When your hard work is rewarded, that’s the greatest feeling in the world. Nothing worthwhile is easily attained so I urge you to never give up even when things seem unattainable and to remember that “The Sky is the Limit!

The UWI Open Campus, Saint Lucia salutes Ms Myra Delice and Ms Sylvia Henry for their outstanding performance and wishes them every success as they forge ahead with their future career and personal goals.