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The UWI Open Campus Celebrates Outstanding Achievement


The UWI Open Campus Celebrates The Outstanding Achievement


Ms Sylvia Jordan, 2010, 1st Class Honours Recipient

On Saturday 16th October 2010, students of the UWI Open Campus St Lucia Site joined their fifteen (15) sister campuses in a Grand Graduation Ceremony held in Grand Anse, Grenada.   We at the Open Campus St Lucia Site are proud of every single one of our graduates, all of whom have worked hard and sacrificed more to achieve the success they currently enjoy.  However, it is with a special sense of pride that the Open Campus extends its congratulations to those graduates who attained 1st Class Honours in their respective programmes. 

This week, as we celebrate our National Day it is fitting that we also celebrate the achievements of one of St Lucia’s most dedicated daughters in the field of education.  Join the UWI Open Campus as we proudly celebrate the outstanding performance that earned Ms Sylvia Jordan a well deserved place amongst the UWI Open Campus’ 1st Class Honours recipients for 2010.


Ms Sylvia Jordan (1st Class Honours, BEd, Education Administration)

Ms Sylvia Jordan is a dedicated teacher with two decades of teaching experience under her belt.  She began her teaching career in 1989 at the Grande Riviere Senior Primary School (now known as Grande Riviere Secondary School) before moving on to the Aux-Lyons Combined School where she currently teaches grade six students.

For Ms Jordan, achieving a 1st Class Honours Degree was never a goal in itself.   Her objective was simply to give it her best shot.  “I applied my personal motto to my efforts which is that anything worth doing is worth doing well” said Ms Jordan.

Ms Jordan credits her outstanding success to her ability to keep focused by praying to God for courage and wisdom; to the support and encouragement received from her Principal and on her ability to managing her time effectively.   Ms Jordan’s partner and young daughter also came in for high praise for their patience and understanding during her three years of study with the Open Campus. “My partner understood my mission and simply coped with everything that came with it” said Ms Jordan. 

Though the number of assignments and examinations that are an inevitable part of any rigorous programme of study sometimes appeared daunting, support received from her study group and the advice of a close friend who had previously gone through the experience, helped see her through.

When asked what advice she had to offer those wishing to follow in her footsteps her response was simple – “Be focused! Ensure that you have a strong support network and ensure that you have access to a computer and a working knowledge of computer applications.  The UWI Open Campus is a good choice because it presents an opportunity for St. Lucians to continue working while they develop themselves professionally.  St. Lucians should take advantage of this opportunity because it is an efficient and cost effective way of attaining an excellent education from an organization that is accredited and recognized globally.”

With regard to her future goals Ms Jordan is still weighing her options to determine whether she should pursue a Post Graduate Degree on a full-time or part time-basis.  In the meantime, Ms Jordan is putting into practice the many new concepts and skills learned over the past few years. 

“My degree in Education Administration has given me a sound understanding of administration management in a school environment” said Ms Jordan.  “I fully intend to utilize this knowledge in the classroom and to assist the School Administrator in developing holistic strategies to achieve the school’s mission.

The UWI Open Campus extends heartfelt congratulations to Ms Jordan on her outstanding performance and wishes her every success as she forges ahead with her future career and personal goals.