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Certificate in Project Management


The UWI Open Campus offers yet another opportunity for your professional development with the introduction of a Certificate in Project Management.


A project management training course is not only a good investment for the organisation you work for but also for you personally. As more and more organisations work on a project basis, there is an increasing chance that you will be asked to participate in a project or manage one.


By taking this course you will be prepared to handle your project more effectively. Studies show that organisations staffed by persons who have undergone project management training are able to innovate and/or reorganise faster, cheaper and more effectively when necessary.

Duration of course

10 weeks (33 contact hours)

Target Group:The UWI Open Campus Certificate in Project Management is useful for project workers, inexperienced team managers and also experienced ones who want to refresh or expand their knowledge. Even managers who themselves don’t work on a project basis but have to deal with organisations that do, will benefit from this course.


Fees are payable at CIBC First Caribbean Bank A/c #1873632.


Classes are held at:

The UWI Open Campus

Morne Fortune