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Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills


To provide participants with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to express themselves clearly, with confidence and power, in a variety of speaking situations.

Students will be taught presentation techniques; how to plan and structure an effective presentation; how to develop ideas; effective delivery methods; and how to overcome anxiety, fear and nervousness when making a presentation .

Target Group:         Principals, Teachers, Managers, Training Personnel, Communication and Media Personnel. Anyone seeking to upgrade and polish their skills in public speaking.

Course Outline

  1. Presentation Techniques


·         One Way and Two Way Communication

·         The Communication Cycle

·         Barriers to Communication

·         Objectives of Presentations

·         Identifying ones audience


  1. Planning and structuring an effective presentation


·         Choice of medium for presentation

·         Methods of introducing subject/Start up

·         Language

·         Visual Aids


  1. Developing ideas


·         Elements of expository writing for presentations

·         Sequencing Patterns


  1. Delivery:

·         Verbal and non verbals (gestures, facial expressions)

·         Body Language

·         Tone and Volume

·         Capturing and maintaining audience interest (humor, references)

·         Techniques (eye contact, questioning styles etc.)

·         Effective use of audio visuals


5.   Anxiety, Fear and Nervousness

·         Overcoming fear etc

·         Breathing techniques

·         Being prepared


  1. Impromptu speaking

·         Method

·         Style


Assessment and Evaluation

  1. One Class Test – 30%
  2. One Take Home Assignment/Project – 30%
  3. Final Examination – 40%


Certificates will be awarded to persons who:

1.    Obtain at least 50% of Assessment and Evaluation marks

2.    Attend at least 75% of class sessions


Assessment Method:

Final assessment will be awarded based on a combination of exams and a major take home assignment

Duration                      40 hours


Fees are payable at CIBC First Caribbean International Bank A/c #1873632


Classes are held at:

The UWI Open Campus,

Morne Fortune,