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Theatre Arts Workshops

Course Title: Preparing for Performance

“Preparing for Performance” focuses on the process a performer must undergo in preparation for a performance. Participants will be exposed to Elements of Movement (for actors and dancers), performance and acting techniques and script analysis.  The participants will perform in a production at the end of the course.  This production will be managed by the students of the “Production 101” class.  As a result, students cannot register for both courses)

Course Title: Production 101

“Production 101”will take participants through the production process from stage management to production management to front house management.  The participants will produce and manage a production at the end of the course.  Students from the “Preparing Performance” class will be performing in the production and as a result students cannot register for both courses.

Workshop Duration        30 hours


The course fee is EC$350.00.  Fees are payable at CIBC First Caribbean International Bank   A/c #1873632