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Visual Arts Workshops

Course Title: Art Journaling

This course is aimed at Secondary School Students who are preparing for CXC Visual Arts (particularly Form 4 and 5 students).  It provides basic instruction in how to develop a reflective art journal.  The course includes experiences in critiquing artwork, writing about the visual arts and artistic reflections, selecting themes for artwork, research and interviews, writing artist biographies and statements, citing references and producing creative journal pages.  Participants will engage in hands on activities leading to the creation of their own journal.

Course Title: Experimental Art

This course is geared at educators or anyone with an artistic interest.  It challenges participants to select and represent themes or ideas by manipulating various materials into works of mixed-media art.  This course encourages experimentation with the use of natural, found and recyclable materials into two and three dimensional art pieces.  The project will range from book arts, art journals, sculptures, fibre arts, paper crafting etc…..  It directs participants to experiment and develop unconventional artworks depicting their individual themes or ideas.  The course reviews the basic design process and allows for discussion and critiquing exercises throughout the development of the work.

Workshop Duration        20 hours


Fees are payable at CIBC First Caribbean International Bank   A/c #1873632