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About The Social Work Training and Research Centre(SWTRC)


The Social Work Training and Research Centre(SWTRC) was opened in 1962 for the express purpose of training para-professional social workers. This original purpose is still reflected in the Centre's mission to be a centre of excellence for the training of para-professional social workers in the governmental and non-governmental sectors of the Caribbean region. We hope to achieve our mission through the following objectives:

  1. Delivery of the Annual Four Month Course.
  2. Delivery of the Diploma in Social Service and Associate degree in Social Work. The Diploma in Social Service is an upgrade of the former Certificate in social service (CSS) which was retired in 2010.
  3. Delivery of the Diploma in Youth Development Work in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat.
  4. Delivery of short courses that address the needs of practitioners in human services.
  5. Provision of training facilities for other training agencies.
  6. Provision of residential accommodation to course participants and other agencies and individuals.
  7. Production of the Caribbean Journal of Social Work in collaboration with the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work.
  8. Conduct research studies to inform policy decision within Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean.

Caribbean social work pioneer and the first Staff Tutor of the SWTRC (1962-1981), Mrs. Sybil Francis, chats with the late Mr. Geoff Brown, Staff Tutor of the SWTRC (1980-1993) at a SWTRC function.


SWTRC Graduates

The Centre is also involved in the evaluation of Jamaica's National Youth Service, where a study was done for the Ministry of Education seeking to ascertain the extent to which the National Youth Service has attained its objectives, to ascertain the vocational destination of the participnts, and to make recommendations for the future regarding methodology, organisation, scope and reach of the programme.

We are also pleased with the success of our Caribbean Journal of Social Work. We have been able to sell over 800 copies of the first volume. The sixth and seventh volume is now being produced.

It is with such success that we committ ourselves to the task of training and providing highly skilled individuals who will take their place in the Social Work Profession.