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Financial Information

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Financial Information

Students are required to pay tuition fees relevant to their programme, administrative services and compulsory fees in accordance with the regulations. Tuition fees are paid by semester at the time of registration.

Fees should be paid by the end of the third week of traditional semester classes and the second week of summer classes. Students who do not comply with payment deadlines may be subject to prohibitions relative to examinations and assessment.

Fees are quoted in your local currency, kindly contact an Open Campus Country Site nearest to you for further information on programme pricing. Students being sponsored by their employer or an organization may request an invoice for each semester which details their financial obligations after registration.
All course and programme fees are subject to change from time to time as mandated by The University of the West Indies.


Tuition Fees

Tuition fees cover tuition and examination costs, the costs of materials, teleconferences and tutorials (as appropriate). Tuition fees are paid by semester at the time of registration.

The tuition fees for repeating a course are the same as for a first attempt.

Administrative & Other Fees

In addition to tuition fees, there are Compulsory Fees (ID card, Guild Fees) and Administrative Fees, details of which can be obtained from your Site.

Fees are paid in the local currency of the Site of registration. The base currency for the calculation of fees for regional programmes is the US$.

Tuition Fees

 Schedule of Fees 2019/2020 [Last Updated August 5, 2019]    

  Payment Procedures for Semester 1  - Academic Year 2019/2020 



Refund Policy

Refund Policy Document

Refund Request Form