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Frequently Asked Quentions




Can I do a double major via Open Campus?

No, you cannot pursue a double option via the Open Campus.  That option is not available to Open Campus students.


Can I do extra courses that are not a part of my degree programme?

Yes, you can.  However, you would be required to submit a written request to your Programme Manager seeking permission to do those courses.


What happens after my Programme Manager grants permission for me to do extra courses?

You must submit an online override request via your MyOC Student Portal during the registration period for review and approval.


Can I pursue two degree programmes at the same time with the Open Campus?

No, as a UWI student you can only be registered for one degree programme at a time.


Can I pursue a programme with the Open Campus and one with another campus of The University of the West Indies at the same time?

No, you cannot. Although there are different campuses, The University of the West Indies is one institution and the Regulations indicate that you can only be registered in one programme at a time.


What happens if I do not register for two (2) consecutive semesters?

If you do not register for two (2) consecutive semesters without applying for Leave of Absence, you will be deemed as having Voluntarily Withdrawn and your records will be updated to reflect same.





What is the procedure to apply online via the Open Campus?

Go to Admissions Portal and once there proceed to set up an account using your email address.  Complete the personal information section and choose your programme of interest.  Once you have completed all areas of the online application form, the next step is to print and sign the application receipt.  Lastly, submit your application receipt along with the originals and one copy of your supporting documents to your Local Site Office. If you are an International Student, you are required to submit notarized copies of your supporting documents to


I am out of the country and I will not be returning before the deadline date to submit my documents. What options are available to me?

You can have a family member take the documents to the Open Campus Site on your behalf. If you have the documents with you, you can take the originals and one copy of each document to a Notary Public and have them certified.   Then, arrange to have the certified documents couriered directly to the Recruitment, Admissions and Registration Department (RAR) in Trinidad & Tobago or to the Site Office.


I am an international applicant. How do I submit my documents?

Take the originals and one copy of each document to a Notary Public and have them certified.   Email the notarized copies to the Virtual International Students Office (VISO) at


Who can I go to for advice on selecting a programme that best suits my needs?

You can acquire that assistance from the nearest Open Campus Country Site office or Virtual International Students Office (VISO) at


How long would it take for me to hear if I am accepted into the University?

Upon submission of your online application and all supporting documents, you should expect to know the outcome within a period of two to four weeks.


How would I know the mode of delivery of my chosen programme?

This information can be obtained by selecting your desired programme at


If I reside in a country outside of the Caribbean region, can I pursue a graduate programme from that location?

Persons resident outside of the Caribbean region may pursue a graduate programme depending on the option that they choose. A list of international offers can be found at


Am I qualified to do any of the programmes offered by the Open Campus?

You can obtain information about the entry requirements for all of our programmes via this link:  There you will find a detailed overview of the qualifications for all programmes.


Which programmes are available to persons who wish to pursue part-time studies?

All Open Campus’ programmes are available part-time.


When does the term start?

The academic year of The UWI Open Campus consists of:

  1. Semester 1  -    Late August to  mid-December
  2. Semester 2  - Mid-January to mid-May
  3. Summer Session  - Mid-May to end July  (compulsory for some programmes and optional for others - your Programme Manager will advise you accordingly).   Full details of these important dates can be found in the Academic Calendar at


I tried to apply for a programme but that option is not visible, why?

The following may be the reason(s) for your inability to apply for your desired programme:

  • The application period has not been opened or has closed for that programme;
  • You may be selecting the incorrect option to apply for the programme (Undergraduate, Graduate, CPE);
  • The programme is not offered at your selected Site Office.


I have forgotten my application username and password, what do I do?

Email our Helpdesk Team for assistance at





If I need to defer entry, what should I do?

If you wish to defer your entry to the Open Campus, you must complete and submit an online request using the Deferral Request Google form on your MyOC Dashboard page. The Deferral Request Form can be found by following the steps below:

  1. Log into the Student Portal;
  2. Select the Student Resources option;
  3. Scroll down to the Student Support section;
  4. Select the Deferral Request Form.


What happens after I request a deferral of entry?

When a deferral of entry is requested, the staff member responsible for this process changes your status to “deferred” which will make your student record inactive for the requested period which must not be longer than a year.


When is the deadline date to submit a deferral request?

Deferral requests must be submitted by the second week of the semester.


Who is eligible for a deferral?

Deferrals are granted to new students who are unable to start the programme upon acceptance.


If I do not accept my offer, how long will my application be valid?

Your application will be valid for one academic year.


What would happen if I do not commence the programme after deferring for two semesters?

If you do not accept your offer after two semesters from the time of your deferral request, your application will be deemed invalid and you would be required to submit a new application.


If I need to re-apply for entry, would I be required to submit my documents again?

No, you will not be required to re-submit your documents once they were uploaded on your previous online application. If you gained any additional academic qualifications that you wish to add to the new application, then, you need only submit the new information so that your records can be updated.




Can I do the English Language Proficiency Test before I am assigned a student identification number?

No, you must have a student identification number before you can take the test.


When can I sit the English Language Proficiency Test?

The ELPT is usually held in the months of March, August and November of each year. Notices of the dates of the test are placed on the Campus’ website and the Student Portal.


Where can I obtain my results for the ELP Test?

Your ELPT result can be viewed on the Student Portal under Student Services.  There is a link under Exams and Academic History called ELPT Test Scores.  Click this link to obtain your results for the test.


Can I sit the ELPT if I do not yet have my student identification card?

Yes, you can.  As long as you know your student registration number (available on your Acceptance/Offer Letter), you just need to take your national identification card and you will be admitted to the examination room.




What is a Temporary Hold?

A Temporary Hold affects students’ ability to access the Learning Exchange (LE) ONLY and will be used as a reminder that evidence of payment of ALL fees or financial arrangements must be submitted to your relevant Site or the Virtual International Students Office (VISO) by the registration dates provided by the institution.

What is an Accounts Receivables Hold?

An Accounts Receivables Hold will affect students’ ability to register for courses, access transcripts, grades, the Learning Exchange (LE) and graduation when fees are due to the institution.


If payment is made within the registration period will the Temporary Hold be removed?



If payment is made within the registration period, how soon after will the Temporary Hold be removed?

The Temporary Hold will be removed automatically within 2 business days.


If after 2 business days my payment is not applied to my student account who should I contact?

Send an email to (copied to your Head of Site) with a copy of the payment slip for ease of reference, clearly stating your name, student identification number and Site of registration.


If payment is made after the end of the registration period will I be allowed to continue my studies and get access to my courses, access transcripts, grades, the Learning Exchange (LE) and graduation?

No, gaps in engagement with the Learning Exchange will compromise student performance and success. In extenuating circumstances, consideration may be given on a case-by-case basis.


If I am placed on compulsory leave of absence for non-payment of fees will the Accounts Receivables Hold be removed from my students account?



If fees are outstanding for a previous semester and I wish to re-enter the University will an Accounts Receivables Hold prevent me from registering?

Yes, the Accounts Receivables Hold will be removed when all outstanding fees are paid in full.


Where can I get information about programmes funded by GATE? (Trinidad and Tobago citizens only)  

You can find information about the courses covered by GATE from the Student Facility office, the Admissions Department or via the Open Campus website at the following link: or


What would happen if I do not receive GATE funding or I am unable to pay my fees by the given deadline?

Your course registrations will automatically be removed and you will be placed on Compulsory Deferral (new students) or Compulsory Leave of Absence (returning students) for the semester.


Where can I find information about financial aid? (why not include this in the section on Finance?)

Financial information can be located on the website at


If I withdraw from the programme at the beginning of the semester, will I be eligible for a refund of fees paid?

A: Refunds are possible but it all depends on how early or how late into the semester you make the withdrawal request. You may follow this link for more information on the Refund Policy.


How do I go about requesting the refund?

The refund form can be found on the Open Campus website via this link:


If I am unable to pay my tuition fees all at once, is there a payment plan in place?

Yes, there is a payment plan. For further information, you can request details from your Student Facility/Local Site Office/Virtual International Student Office or visit


What is the procedure for accessing the payment plan?

  • You must meet with your Head of Site/Programme Officer/VISO officer (or designated  representatives) to discuss your case.
  • You must pay at least one-third of fees, then complete and sign the Payment Plan Agreement Form and submit it to the Site for approval.
  • Reminders will be sent to you one week before the deadline for payment each month.
  • You will receive a copy of the Agreement for your records.
  • Failure to make payments or present evidence of payments made by the due date will mean that you are in default of payment and the actions outlined in the Default Statement will be implemented.


Who is eligible for a payment plan?

If you are in good financial standing you will be eligible to sign up for the Payment Plan.






How do I know if I will be eligible to graduate from the University?

You are required to contact your local Open Campus Site to verify that your name is on the graduation list. You are eligible to attend the graduation ceremony if you receive a letter indicating that you have completed your programme and you are in good financial standing with the University.


Who do I notify/contact if I am interested in attending the graduation ceremony?

If you are planning to attend the Open Campus Graduation Ceremony, you must notify the Senior Assistant Registrar, Assessment, Awards & Records, Open Campus by completing the online Graduation Reply Form found on the graduation website.


Would the words “Open Campus” be written on my UWI certificate?

No, UWI undergraduate and graduate certificates do not bear the name of any campus as certificates are issued by the University as a single institution. Your certificate will be from The University of the West Indies.  




Does Open Campus offer payment plans for Graduate programmes?

Yes, our Payment Plan Agreements provide short-term financial assistance to cover tuition fees only and are approved for one semester at a time. Payment Plan Agreements are not available for the Summer Session. The Summer Session is a shorter period and for most programmes the Summer Session is optional.

It is not intended that Payment Plan Agreements should be the normal way in which students finance their entire programme. Such agreements are to be made at the discretion of the local Head of the Open Campus Country Site and are used judiciously to assist students who are having specific financial difficulties.


How would I know if I am accepted into a graduate programme?

You will be contacted via email confirming your acceptance to the programme inclusive of your official letter, login details and other information.


What is the process of being accepted into a graduate programme?

All applications are submitted to a Graduate Entrance Committee.   Graduate Entrance Committee meetings are held throughout the application period. The Committee makes the final decision on whether an applicant  can be accepted or not into the programme based on the applicant’s qualifications and experience.


What are the different types of graduate degrees?

 All graduate programmes offered can be located on the website at


What is the length of study for graduate programmes?

Duration of the graduate programmes can be located on the website at


How do I apply for exemptions?

A link is provided on the student’s dashboard to apply for exemptions. Please note when registering the deadlines to apply for credit and exemptions for each academic year.


Can I have access to the course material beforehand?

No, students are not given access to course material until they have fully registered for the programme (i.e. registered for courses, paid tuition fees, received financial clearance etc.)


How long does it take for the Graduate Entrance Committee to make a decision?

Depending on the applicant’s status a decision can be made within two to three weeks after submitting an application and all required documents. Once all supporting documents are received for the applicant the Board will meet and make a decision.


Is it possible to change programme of study after I have submitted my application?

Yes, an applicant can send an email to to inform the Admissions office of the change they would like to make.


Do (both) referee reports need to be completed by academics for Graduate studies applicants?

No.  One of your referee reports can be completed by someone who knows you either  professionally or personally.


Can applicants submit the referee reports on behalf of the referee?

Yes, applicants can submit the referee reports on behalf of their referee by following the steps outlined in Option 2 below.


Procedure for submission of referee reports.               

OPTION 1. (For referees only)

Submission via email: Please send completed form as a pdf file to  Please use the following subject line format “Referee Report for INSERT NAME OF APPLICANT”.


OPTION 2.  Submission via mail, courier or hand delivery:       

i. Enclose your completed referee report form in a sealed envelope.

ii. Sign your name across the seal.               

iii. Submit the form to the address below:   

The Assistant Registrar

Recruitment, Admissions and Registration

The University of the West Indies Open Campus

Open Campus Registry

Located Adjacent to Central Stationery Stores on

The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus St. Augustine

Trinidad & Tobago W.I.


Can I transfer from one graduate programme to another once I’ve started the programme?

Yes, programme transfers can be facilitated based on the your progress in the current programme and if permission is granted by the Programme Manager. Please note the deadline to apply for programme transfers.


What is the process for requesting a programme transfer for graduate programmes?

An online Programme Transfer Form can be found under the Student Resources Section of the Student Portal. Please note the deadline dates for such applications are available on the Academic Calendar (


Who makes the decision regarding programme transfer?

The Programme Managers in the Academic Programming and Delivery Division (APAD) will give programme transfer approvals.


Can I start another programme with the Open Campus if my graduation status has not changed?

No, your student status must be changed to “Graduated” before you can gain entry into another programme.


Do I have to have a first degree to be considered for a graduate degree?

Applicants to The UWI Open Campus graduate programmes must satisfy the University Regulations governing admission to a Higher Degree and must generally possess an Honours Degree. Applicants to course-based Masters programmes (M.A., M.Ed., M.Sc., LL.M.) should normally have at least a Lower Second Class Honours degree or equivalent.

Candidates with Pass degrees, who have other relevant qualifications and substantial experience in the field to which they are applying, will be considered for entry to course-based Masters programmes on a case-by-case basis. Candidates with Pass degrees will normally be considered for entry into Masters programmes no sooner than two (2) years after the completion of the undergraduate degree.





How do I apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA?) ?

You may apply for a Leave of Absence via the online form on your Student Dashboard. Your request will be processed by the Recruitment, Admissions and Registration Department.  


What happens after I submit my Leave of Absence request?

Your online application would be reviewed by Admissions and if you are eligible, your account will be updated to reflect a leave of absence status for the specified period. Your account will be temporarily suspended until your return to the programme.


How would I know if my leave of absence is approved?

When your Leave of Absence is approved you will receive notification via email from Admissions.


How much leave of absence can I apply for throughout the period of my academic life?

You are entitled to four semesters of leave during the period of your student life.


How much Leave of Absence can I apply for at a time?

You can apply for a maximum of two semesters at a time. If after the two semesters have elapsed and your circumstances remain the same, you may submit another request to extend your leave.


What happens if I utilise all of my Leave of Absence?

If you require more Leave of Absence after having utilized all of your leave entitlement, the request is submitted to the Academic Board for a decision. The other option would be for you to withdraw from the programme and re-apply when your circumstances permit.


What is the deadline for me to apply for Leave of Absence?

Your request should be submitted by the second week of any given semester. The deadline dates are available on the Academic Calendar (


What happens if I need to apply for Leave of Absence after the deadline date has passed?

You can still submit your request along with a late fine of USD30.00. In extenuating circumstances, your request will still be assessed and treated accordingly. Some leeway is given on a case-by-case basis and depending on how late the request was submitted. If the leave cannot be immediately processed due to the date of submission, the matter will be forwarded to the Academic Board Student Matters Sub Committee for a consideration.


What happens if I do not apply for Leave of Absence?

Students who do not apply for Leave of Absence and are absent for two consecutive semesters will be considered as having voluntarily withdrawn from the programme.




Where can I get my timetable for classes?

You can obtain the timetable from your dashboard in the Learning Exchange. For online courses, students are given a Detailed Course Schedule for each course. This information can be found in your respective Course Guides posted in the Learning Exchange.




What is the process for me to apply for Special Admission?

You need to download and print a Special Admissions application form from the website of any one of The UWI campuses or you can obtain the form from the nearest Open Campus Country Site office.   Complete the form and return to your local Open Campus Country Site Office or in the case of International Applicants via email to,  along with your Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate (where applicable), academic and professional certificates and transcript/s (if applicable). The form will be forwarded to the Recruitment,  Admissions and Registration Department for processing.


Who is eligible to apply for Special Admission?

  1. Persons sponsored by governments or other employers to read certain courses, not for credit towards a University qualification, under a special arrangement. 
  2. Private individuals who wish to pursue and develop a particular area of intellectual interest. 
  3. Graduates of the University of the West Indies or of other recognised universities who wish to pursue a particular course or courses:
  • To equip themselves for a particular job;
  • To increase efficiency in the performance of a job;
  • To satisfy entry requirements to a programme in this or another programme;
  • To update or improve their knowledge in a subject;
  1. To be considered for entry as “specially admitted students”, applicants should normally be matriculable. 
  2. Those students who do not satisfy the requirements for entry to the University should provide satisfactory evidence of their previous studies. In appropriate cases, they may be required to sit a special entrance examination. In the assessment of the qualifications of applicants, due allowance shall be made for their maturity.


How many courses can I take as a Specially Admitted student?

Normally, a Specially Admitted student should be allowed to take no more than (12) credits in any given year; nor more than a total of 24 credits under this category of registration.




How do I go about transferring from a landed/sister Campus to the Open Campus?

You must complete a Campus Transfer Application form which is normally located on the website of the respective landed campus or at the Admissions  department of the Campus. You then need to have your application approved by your Faculty Dean and certified by the Assistant Registrar for Admissions of the campus. Your campus will then forward your application form to The UWI Open Campus Registry along with the student transcript.


What happens after I submit my transfer application form?

  • You will be contacted by The UWI Open Campus, RAR Department via email indicating that we are in receipt of your application and that you must visit our website to submit an online application.
  • You would then be required to visit The UWI Open Campus student facility of choice and submit your supporting documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate etc.)
  • Your application will be assessed and an offer given as a transfer student. An account would be created in the student portal for you. You will receive an email from the Admissions account which will include your offer letter, student identification application form as well as other important documentation.


How are my grades/exam records transferred from a UWI sister campus programme to reflect on my UWI-Open Campus records?

Your transcript will be forwarded to The UWI Open Campus Examinations Department so that your Exam record in the OC student portal can be updated to reflect the information on your transcript which was supplied by the Admissions department of your previous campus.


If I am an Open Campus student how do I go about transferring to a sister Campus?

  • You will be required to complete and submit the Campus Transfer Application form. This form can be found by following the steps below:
    • Log into the Student Portal

    • Select the Student Resources option

    • Scroll down to the Student Support section

    • Select the Campus Transfer Form

  • Submit the completed form to your UWI Open Campus Site Coordinator/Head of Site who will submit the form to the Recruitment, Admissions and Registration section of the Open Campus Registry.


What happens after the transfer form is received by the Open Campus Registry?

Upon receipt of the transfer application form, your application is forwarded to the Admissions department of the desired campus along with all supporting documents and examination record. The Admissions department of your campus of choice will assess your application and contact you when a decision is reached.